Meta Discussion about List of Free Cell & WiFi Databases for Location Services

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This topic will instead be the meta discussion about the wiki.


Excellent post!
Do I understand correctly that some of these sources share a common location app (µg unifiedNlp), but within this app one must decide to work with only one database at a time (I mean, I cannot load simultaneously say Openbmap and Mozilla)?
Your post is also interesting in the sense, we see which contribution apps have an immediate counterpart on the phone, or not. I for one have a range of these, and indeed I wasn’t sure which one was just offering my recordings with no return… Now I know :slight_smile:

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With µg unifiedNlp you can use multiple Databases at once and there is also a backend for Apples proprietary Database and backends for local databases of self-discovered wifis & cell towers.

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On MozillaLocationService and OpenWlanMap my contributersname is Tux.
My rank on MLS is 2509 and at OWM is 395.

Is OpenWlanMap with you also draining the battery?


I added you to the list :smile:

No it doesn’t affect my battery, but I have some other problems with the App. (see here)

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Count me in as soon as you formed a Fairphoners team?

If you look at the names of the teams in the OWM highscore list it appears the teamnames are identical to the username of the teamleader. So maybe one of us should call himself “Fairphoners”, “Team Fairphone” or something like that and then share his team identifier with us so we can all join the team.

PS: @Lidwien, like me you are mentioned in the highscore more that once. This happens if you reinstall the App and don’t export the userdata before and import it after. I haven’t looked at the highscore of OSM before I created this post and always thaught that choosing the same username after a reinstall would be enough.

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Because of the draining of the battery by OWM I decide to remove the app and reinstall. I had no idea that I should had used export the userdata before and import it after. I indeed have choose the same username.
I have send a message to OWM to see if they can combine the two rankings.

I allready asked, they can’t. I’m on the list 8 times. I’d probably be alot higher up by now. :wink:


It seems that now it is possible to combine ranks.
Today I received the message form OWM that my two rankings are combined in one.
I had send a message to OWM through the contactpage on the website of OWM.


Since the Teams on OWM are named after the “Teamleader” I renamed myself “Fairphoners/Paul”. If you want to join the Fairphoners team you have to go to Preferences and enter “BFF423CCC64D” as Team Identifier.
@sim6, @sam, @Lidwien if you all join we should easily make it to the Top 10! :smiley:

Count me in the Fairphoners/Paul team.

Due to a problem my ranking is 327. OWM is looking into my problem with the ranking, which started after importing my data on OWM after a reset of my Fairphone.

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Joined. Would be nice if they could rename the team to just “Fairphone”, but no worries if they can’t.

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Hey I’m open to change the name, its just that my name and the team’s name will be the same.

EDIT: I changed my name to “Fairphone” as you suggested. I like it, because without the “-ers” in the end it works well as a username and as a team name. :smiley:
The name will change in the highscore list next time I upload data.

@Lidwien Seems like your rank is back. :smiley: Nr. 77 as Tux right? Because there is also a Tuxje at 69 who wasn’t there before.
Cool we’re allready rank 17 as a Team :slight_smile:

Yes, I am Tux. Due to some problems I had made an account as Tuxje.
So both Tuxje and Tux is me.
I will continue as Tux. Consider Tuxje as a bonus :wink:

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EDIT: Service has been moved and everything is back up and running :smiley:

@paulakreuzer Do you know what has happend to openwlanmap public DB download? Seems like you can download it anymore or the file is still there but is zero bytes.

Are you talking about db.tar.bz2? When I try to download it it says 7.5 kb.
Maybe it has/had to do with the moving of the server?

I hope it’s a missing cron job, and not a policy change… Makes it hard to plan my rides… Any idea who to contact?