Messages from one sender crash messages app

So, bit of a strange one; one of my employers occasionally (two or three times a week) sends a broadcast message to all employees from one particular number. About a third of the time, opening this message crashes the messages app.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? The messages don’t look like they have a particular problem; some are long, some are short, no links in them (just times of day)… I don’t even know where to start in wondering why this is happening.
Clearing the cache of the messages app does not help.

what type of message do you mean and what app do you use?

An SMS message, and it’s the stock “Messages” app

I suppose, you don’t have the latest updates installed. This would have replaced the default messages app.
This is why I don’t use messages anymore.

Can you open the app and read the message after a crash?

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