Message bubbles on the Apps icon disappeared

on Fairphone 5.
On the main screen, the small “Bubbles” that appeared next to the WhatsApp, Telegram… icon when new messages arrived, have disappeared

I have Notification enabled: “Notification bubble on the Application icon”

I looked everywhere but I can’t find a way to make them appear again.

For me they are very important because they allow me not to constantly open the Apps to check if new messages have arrived.

Some help?
thank you and greetings

Did you try disabling this and enabling it back again? Some hiccup maybe?

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yes, several times but it doesn’t fix anything

I also lost the WhatsApp sound alerts

Did you activate “Do not disturb” by mistake, maybe?

I have it disabled, but I’ll look inside a little

Since inconsequential but annoying problems were piling up on my FP5, I decided to do a factory reset.

I have an SD card where most of my photos, videos and documents are. I saved what little I had inside the FP5 memory. I removed the SIM card and SD card before and started the factory reset.

At the end of the factory reset, I replaced the SIM and SD in their places. It took me two hours to reinstall the applications I use and the result was: All problems disappeared 100%.

What I have learned is that, as long as it is convenient for me to spend two hours reinstalling Apps and reconfiguring my FP5, I am not going to fight with the device for problems that appear and that over time I would spend more time trying to solve them.

Something similar to what I do with my PC. I have an image of the OS and when there start to be problems I dump that image and those problems no longer exist (here I don’t have to reinstall anything and I only save the documents that I later recover)

I’m not very good at researching and solving problems, which is why I take these “radical” solutions.

all the best