Menstruation Apps

I assume you are talking about Periodical? There seem to be no other FOSS menstruation apps.

Yeah, that’s it. She says it isn’t accurate wrt predicting.

No wonder. It simply averages all period lengths recorded (it is calendar-based). Symptoms-based tracking would be more accurate.

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I’m not sure she actually used the symptoms feature in the previous app. I just believe the current one does not have enough training data yet (calendar should be good enough I guess), and being used to a well-trained app as reference is then regarded as a cold shower. Even though it isn’t as cold as it seems.

There’s one called log28 available from F-Droid, which is advertised as ‘a simple no frills period tracker’, last updated August 2018. I cannot vouch for it as I don’t have the necessary equipment for testing.


Her Periodical does not at all look like the screenshot. She isn’t using it correctly. Also, what does Maximum cycle length in Preferences mean? It has the strange default value of 183. Is it in hours?

She also doesn’t like the black interface. As she seems agitated with Periodical I’ll give log28 a whirl (it is also available on Google Play Store btw). It has a white interface.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The documentation can be found in the source (and in the help section of the app):

If you have a pause in your calendar entries you may need to adjust the maximum cycle length setting. If the number of days between two periods is longer than this value, that time period will be ignored.

Example: if you don’t record periods for 4 months (about 122 days) and you want to start again in the fifth month, you can set the maximum cycle length to a value of 100 or less, so the 4 months without a period will not be used for the calculation.

Version 0.6.0 (10) - Added on 2018-08-09

This version requires Android ? or newer.

You mean a phone with “Android ? or newer”? :joy:


There is a promising FOSS “cycle-tracking app”, currently in beta though:


Interesting, thanks. Just… that name though (“drip”)

PS: I’ll try all 3 on my FP3 once I got it.

drip requires Android minSdk=23 though (Android 6 Marshmallow). :grimacing: Not for FP1 then…

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