Meaning of different blinking red led


I have trouble to charge the battery of my FP2.
What are the meaning of the different red led ?
This post (Tip: FP2 battery not charging, blinking red led) says that solid red led means low battery and blinking red led means very low battery.
But I had sometimes slow blinking red led (maybe every 3 seconds) and sometines fast blinking red led (maybe each second). What is the difference of meaning ?

Thanks in advance !

Usually fast blinking red means the battery is completely empty, slow blinking red means the phone is on and you got a notification from an app that uses a red notification light and steady red means the phone is charging and currently between 0% and 25%.

If your battery is completely empty check out this guide: #deepdischarged


This wiki saved my phone today. It started to just discharge 1% per second again and again, then I followed the Instructions in the wiki. Thumbs up!
I should say that I think the fast discharge was due to my dropping the phone yesterday night. Now all is well.

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Thanks for your answer!
The guide #deepdischarged showed me that my phone was ok but the problem coud come from the battery. I charged my battery with a universal charger because it was not possible into the phone. And after a few times of this, the phone recovered a normal behavior when charging the battery.