Make the About-posts more visible?

Continuing the discussion from List: Fairphone with mobile phone Contract (all countries):

Definitely, if @Ruth_FP1 would be fine with it?

The benchmark is not the topics in the various categories, but the “About”-posts:

Bottom line: I think mobile phone contracts are not directly related to Fairphone’s work on “social and environmental improvements along five action areas: Mining, Manufacturing, Design, Life Cycle, and Social Entrepreneurship”, they are rather “about being a Fairphone user”. What do you think?

Hi @Stefan
thank you for your comments!

Re. Wiki:
yes, part of it (i.e. the confirmed information) would work as a wiki. Great!
But the topic is necessary so that we can collect unconfirmed rumors, third party information etc. which is already happening (“Apparently T-Mobile is interested in offering the FP2 in Austria.” and “And KPN isn’t confirmed, but if they do sell the FP2 it would be strange for them not to offer it with a contract”)
when these maybe’s turn into facts I move them to the top post and they could go to the Wiki.

Re. category:
sorry, I did not find the category descriptions, and actually, still don’t find them for all categories.
Suggestion: how about pinning an About definition about the category on top of the group as it is done for the Help category?

Again, Fairphone Café is NOT an option. (“sit back and relax in our café, talk about everyday topics”) and actually a bit depreciative of the topic.
The information about where and how to get a Fairphone with a contract is vital for lots of people interested in getting an FP2 who can’t afford to buy it at once and solo. (and who are not Fairphone users yet)

Under the strict definition for Road Map this is possibly the wrong place. But since there is no category “Potential Buyers” (with information and room for questions and ideas) I chose Road Map (which contains topics like leasing, tshirt slogans, community postcards, Are you going to Ship FP2 to India?, Poll: Where outside of Europe are the most potential customers? etc. etc.)

But if you and other/s really feel uncomfortable with the contract topic in Road Map then I’d suggest the Help category (which by strict definition is also wrong: “If you have a problem with your phone”). But maybe the About definition there could be broadened a bit, so contracts with FP and shipping to India etc. would fit?

Apologies for kicking off a whole ‘which category is this’ discussion - it was a bit of an afterthought and had to do with me not understanding the different categories. It was intended to be a question rather than a suggestion. As the topic didn’t really fit anywhere for me, I mentioned Café as it would then be ‘other uncategorized stuff’. That something is uncharacterised, does not mean it is not important. Whether we need another category would then be another question.

A descriptive post is pinned for me, though the name of the category is still fairness in the case of the roadmap category. For me this didn’t directly help, as I rarely enter the categories anyway. Instead, I found the descriptions in the mouse-over description of the category label.
Currently the category contains things that fit under fairness (the old name), roadmap discussion, and stuff that actually matches the category description (which for me does not cover my understanding of roadmap).

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The descriptions are pinned by default, but every user can unpin them individually in their own topic list. Very probably you just unpinned them once, and now they do not appear on top anymore.

As “Road Map”'s description says [quote]and the entire industry.[/quote] I can live with the topic being in this category.

I suggest to start a wiki-topic called “Where to get the FP2 from”, where we collect resellers, contracts etc. + unwikify @Ruth_FP1’s contract rumors post.

No, I didn’t unpin anything. And the about-post for the Roadmap category when it was called “About Fairness” was not on top but something like no. 3 or so.
Did you just change it? :wink:

How about pinning “About”-post always as no. 1 (i.e. also for About-Café, About-Repair About-Bugreports and for the general “welcome to the FP Forum” setting)?

I changed the name, but not the pin-status! :woot: We can’t define the order of pinned topics.

OK, so then the order is ,latest on top’ and that also goes for edits.
Maybe someone could edit every About-post that is not on top already (e.g. type sth, delete it again and save), so it comes to the top for now and is better visible.

I don’t think this could be my top priority, I must admit… :blush:

I changed it to “someone”. We are talking of three or four pinned posts. (in the time we were discussing it here I could have done it twice :wink: )

Hi, could you @Douwe or one of the moderators perhaps find the time to move the about topic to the top of every category (repair, meta, cafe, road map)?
Maybe there is a way to superpin them to the very top, ( in meta the about-topic comes in 5th of the pinned). the about should be the first to see / read.
thank you very much!