Make Pro the default mode for Camera app


is there a way to make the “Pro” mode the default mode for the standard Camera app ?

It gets resetted to “Foto” after closing and opening again …


Can’t confirm.
I set the stock camera App to “Pro” just now, now it starts in “Pro” mode.

OS Build number 8901.2.A.0096.20191001 here.

Perhaps tap on some setting in Pro before closing the App. I tapped on one accidentally.

Edit: I set it back to “Photo”, now it starts in “Photo” mode again.

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Aah, I see, when I start the Camera from the homescreen it remembers the mode, but when I start it by double-pressing the power button and the close it it doesn’t …


Feel free to add that to the list of possible software improvements here: Improving the software of FP3

Might just be a bug or oversight, without the camera app’s source code we can’t say for sure :slight_smile:


Is the phone locked when you open the :camera: by double pressing the power button?

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It can be opened in this way with a locked and with an unlocked phone.

The result is the same: loss of information about the mode.

Other information like the picture format (e.g. 4:3) or the timer (e.g. 2 seconds) are preserved.

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While on the topic of the camera, does anyone have recommendations for other camera apps?

There are various working ports of the (proprietary) Google Camera, see this thread for details:

It is especially known for improved low-light photography (“Night Sight”).

Open Camera is pretty good as well, having plenty of advanced configuration options and being completely free and open source:

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