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How can I configure in mailing list mode that I only receive emails with certain tags (for example lineageos)?

EDIT: Misunderstood mailing list mode, @Stefan’s post below is more useful, but some of the pointers below may help setting up mutes.

On the tag page you linked to, there’s a button with a circular icon at almost the top right of the page, just below your user avatar/menu. If you set it to watching, you’ll get e-mails for that tag. ‘Watching first post’ may be more manageable. You may need to remove the watching setting from other topics/categories/tags if the issue is that you’re getting too many other e-mails.

In the user preferences (menu under user avatar top right of page, then click your user name, then preferences in the menu bar) there is also the section Notifications which can be useful - especially the sub items Categories / Tags.

I’m not sure whether it is possible to change settings by e-mail - you may need to log in to the forum to set this up.

Hope this helps.

In Settings > E-Mails tick “Enable mailing list mode”:

You will have to mute all categories that you don’t want to receive. For individual topics that you receive via email, you can stop them from inside the email. At the bottom it says “To unsubscribe from these emails, click here.” Click that link and you will have the option to unsubscribe from that topic.

Thanks for answering.
Since Fairphone has changed the categories, it is a little more difficult to subscribe to a topic, because e.g. lineageos no longer appears as a completely separate category. So I would have to unsubscribe every mail within Help/FP2 manually with the link? Is a little complicated… :no_mouth:

Just follow nothing but the #lineageos tag.

The restructuring of the categories was a community process (more info) and unfortunately nobody brought up the mailing list (edge) use case. You can rely on the tags, or make use of the .rss functionality of Discourse:

E.g. enter in an RSS reader and filter for “LineageOS” or similar.

Also works for tags:
Potential downside to tags is that someone needs to add the tag to a topic (which may not always happen).


Thanks for hint. I’m not sure this is gonna work.
Quote from the settings panel (Mailing-List Mode): “This setting overwrites the activity overview. Muted topics and categories are not included in these emails.”

@Johannes: Thanks for the rss hint. I’ll try this out.

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Mute all categories (this mutes all topics within these categories) > set #lineageos to “watching” (this unmutes all topics with the tag #lineageos. At least I think it works like this.

@Johannes: This is only a feed with new topics. I need someting like this but for tags. :wink:

It seems not to work with Mailinglist-Mode. I do not get all relevant posts.

What about this?

Unfortunately .rss doesn’t work, but using JSON you could build a simple enough website or even parse it to an Atom/RSS feed.

Creative idea! :wink: My Feed app does not support json. Currently I use posts.rss with a regex filter on lineageos. However, it only works if a post comes in, where lineageos appears as text. Tagging is not enough.

At the moment there is probably no ideal solution, because the mailing list mode is not implemented exactly the same. The mailing list mode should work exactly like the notification options on the forum itself.

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You can ask around on if there is a better solution.

Thing is that tags are about topics, not about posts.

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