Mail attachments and embedded images don’t work

I’m using the built-in mail client with IMAP and ActiveSync accounts. Since some time (not sure if it has always been like this), I cannot …

  1. … see embedded images in HTML e-mails. Instead of the images, I see symbols indicating broken files.

  2. … open image attachments. The image appears as a grey square. When I click it, the screen turns black with a loading indicator. When I click the indicator, it eithers flickers a few times, changing to the message “Couldn’t load image” and back. Or it shows a loading bar indicator which keeps loading something forever.

  3. … store any kind of attachment on the devices. When I click “Save” or “Download again”, it says “Couldn’t download. Touch to retry.”

I had this issue with FP OS 1.5.1, and also with 1.6.2 to which I have updated just today.

Any ideas what may be causing this? Should I provide more information?

Btw, I do not want to switch to K9 or any other client. I’m perfectly happy with the built-in client, except for the attachments issue.

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