🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Magnetic USB cable recommended to avoid socket probs

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So regarding that esorio Micro USB adapter

Judging from the 2 rows of contacts on the part that goes into the phone (the adapter part has only 1 row) I somehow expected it to connect no matter of facing up or down … that isn’t the case (at least for me).
It only works if the LED faces up (see picture).
But then it charges the battery (see picture).
While doing MTP (see picture).
So basically it works as if I had plugged in the cable directly. Nice :+1: .

It leaves the bottom microphone free when not connected (see picture) and even barely free when connected to the adapter part (no picture, it’s a magnetic connection, you don’t take calls with a magnetic connection, what do you expect will happen :slight_smile: ?).

And I have not seen any impact on the compass, the compass still works as before. Nice, too :+1: .

And my flip case still closes effortlessly, it has enough room for the extra part.

So … PARTY TIME, EXCELLENT! We’ll see how long it lasts :slight_smile:

Bottom Module - the weakest part of the phone?
Changing battery or bottom part?
Which parts of your Fairphone 2 had to be replaced?
Primary Microphone not working and tired of replacing the bottom module
Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2
Microphone not working anymore

That’s really weird. I also expected it to work this way… Thanks for testing and sharing the results! :slight_smile:


Yeah, in fact facing down my Windows 10 saw a USB device, but couldn’t initialize it in any meaningful way, and the phone didn’t charge the battery that way either. It just looks like it should work that way, only it doesn’t. “Designed in Germany”, “Assembled in P.R.C.” … whoever got this wrong: Bad country! Baaad country! :slight_smile:

Since I’m a lazy bum I ordered more of these, so I don’t need to carry the adapter around in my flat to use it with several cables (and I now need one for my backup phone, too) … let’s have a look whether that facing down thing is a general “problem” or a monday adapter …


There are several different available for µUSB, has someone btw. stumbled over a decent type for USB-C?
No matter if a simple generic adaptor or a fixed magnetic cable.
The ones I passed by so far are simply too bulky in size and hence to this not very attractive, specifically when having a protection or flip cover. I want to give one away as a gift, but…


Quite common these days (considering manufacturing only). Shenzhen seems to be the central place where most manufacturing is going on similar to Silicon Valley for computer/IT business. Also speaks for Fairphone and many other products I have received the last months.


Update regarding the adapter facing down … I received 2 more adapters and they show the same behaviour, so they seem to be designed that way.
Strange, but apart from that they work great until now :+1: .

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are there any current recommendations regarding magnetic USB cable for charging and data transfer with FP1? Links are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

My FP1: four years and counting!

I have moved your post here. Please read the other posts above.


I bought 4 TOPK cables on sale during Black Friday: 2 microUSB, 2 USB-C, and an additional lightning connector.

I also bought from Indiegogo some very small keychain cables which has microUSB, USB-C, and lightning in one, and fits on a keychain. I expect these to be terrible for socket probs, but useful to have with you (provided your keychain stays dry).

I’m gonna gift them around at Christmas, so I’ll be able to tell if they’re any good (or not) afterwards. Either way I can’t return them anymore anyway.


Hello everyone, Happy New Year.
I’m having this problem. The USB barely makes contact and has to be carefully balanced and left very still to get a charge. I’ve been putting up with it for some time. Now I’ve found this discussion, I’ve ordered a magnetic USB cable and adapter. Will I also need to replace the bottom module. If I do, can I send the old module back to FP for recycling?


That’s for another question, but yes you can. More info on the Fairphone homepage.


has anyone tested the adapter version (without the cable) from CALISTOUS, NetDot, Callstel or can recommend a company for an adapter? The reviews are quite mixed


Currently I use several NetDot Gen5 adapters across my household, and they work just fine … https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B076QC2RQT .


I am using those types of magnetic cables since more than 2 years now.
For me they work just fine and against some experiences of other users I never lost any magnet due to failure.
These magnets seem to be the most common around. I have them from Goobay, but also other manufacturers. They match up with different adaptors from other brands. So one may simply purchase a magnetic tip for USB-C as I have done and use the same cable to be able to connect a USB-C device if it’s just for being socket compatible (so there won’t be any fast charge or high-speed transfer).
Full USB-C functionality of course would require the full cable specification.

Anyway I can fully recommend these magnets no matter from which manufacturer. They have a strong hold but will securely detach if there is a strong pull on the cable.
A bit of caution should be given here to keep the contacts clean on both sides so a quick snap attachment will properly assure the charging/data transfer.
Yes, both can be done with the tip if your cable also keeps it simple.
There is hardly a loss of current. The phone get close the full current as if it was connected by a proper (2 wire) standard cable although it does have 4 pins to support data transfer without any further action.

EDIT: For clarification according to:

I specifically talk about those as, I meanwhile can state, very common magnetic tips having only 5 pins in a middle row and an oval shape (whether chrome or golden), none which look different or don’t have the same pin layout (btw. I rarely came across those).


Careful with that.
For instance the esorio I had earlier were incompatible with the NetDot.