Magisk and Systemless Xposed on LineageOS 15.1?

Can someone share a success story about running Magisk and Systemless Xposed on the current LOS 15.1 build for the FP2?

(I’m currently running FPOS 18.07.2 (Nougat Beta) and consider going “O”. But I use some apps which require root and some which won’t run on a rooted device. Magisk Hide makes it possible to use both at the same time. I also have the need to run some apps in a language other than the primary system language. The Xposed module App Locale 2 is the only way to achieve this that I’m aware of.)



Thanks, this is very helpful!
So if I understand correctly, Magisk and Systemless Xposed aren’t usable, but the “original” Xposed Framework ( works?
And is there a way to hide root for individual apps when using the Lineage su addon?

Not per-app, but they included some time ago a security patch in the kernel to hide su when it is globally disabled, which may be useful for your usecase.

Mind that they won’t circunvent on purpose other security checks of Android, though.

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Try this :

I had MagiskHide setup with LOS 14.1 before to hide root access from my banking app.
However with LOS 15.1 I managed to install Magisk but I was unable to install any app. It would always fail. Apparently MagiskHide changes a few system props which (I guess) messes with signature verification.

I finally managed to setup Magisk with MagiskHide on my phone without side-effects (so far).
This is how I made it work:

  • Flash Magisk Image from here via TWRP (3.2.2) (I used 16.7, but 16.0 might work as well) reboot
  • Install Magisk Manager from here
  • load and enable the module MagiskHide Props Config within MagiskManager
  • enable terminal emulator under System Settings -> System -> Developer Options ->Local Terminal
  • open Terminal and type props (you will be asked to provide root access)
  • Type 3 to edit MagiskHide props
  • type 1 and y to change ro.debuggable to 1
  • type 3 and y to change to userdebug
  • type ‘e’ to exit and reboot your phone

What works so far:

  • root access for Amaze, Titanium Backup etc.
  • use Banking Apps (Viseca One, CrontoSign Swiss, Raiffeisen TWINT)
  • Magisk survives flashing of LineageOS update image (20180820)

I have not tested Xposed Framework or Modules.

EDIT: Unfortunately this setup stopped working for me as well (cannot install apps). Had to turn of MagiskHide :pensive:
However my banking app seems to work fine even without hiding magisk :man_shrugging:


And how exactly did you manage to install Magisk Manager? After flashing the Magisk Image, I’m not able to install any apps anymore. Hence I’m stuck.

Before flashing Magisk, I forgot to first remove the LOS su addon. Might that be where I screwed up?

EDIT: Ah nevermind. Just installing Magisk Manager before flashing seems to work out fine.

  • root access for Yalp store
  • hiding root from banking apps Triodos and mobile@VDK

Unfortunately, the Belgian ‘Bancontact’ app (which was my reason for trying out Magisk instead of the LOS SU addon in the first place) detects a ‘safety issue’ despite MagiskHide.

I now deinstalled both SU and Magisk. Turns out the stupid app just recognizes the use of LOS 15.1 (not 14!) as a safety risk. Bummer.

I didn’t manage to install the makisk image (16.0/16.7) under LOS 15.1 yet. System freezes on reboot.

For those who would like to run apps isolated from root try ‘Island’ (download it from Google Play, it’s currently beta but working wonderfully with me)

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To run apps isolated from root try ‘Island’
Download it from Google Play, it’s currently beta but working wonderfully with me

is there any new solution for LOS 15.1 with Magisk (now version 17.1)? I flashed it after update LOS from 14.1 to 15.1 The flash was annouced as successful but I had no chance to install MagiskManager and Magisk was not installed obviously as I could not give root permission

I get it installing MagiskManager before Magisk 17.1 itself, and then disabling Magisk Hide.
Not the perfect solution but at least you can still install your preferred Magisk modules.

I find this solution here:, as @theofruitrouge already posted in this discussion.

Thank you that helped, perhaps I did not read properly was a bit sick the last days. But with hide disabled I can indeed install apks.
But the ROM has some deficits it’s not only the Magisk issue in Nanodroid/MicroG settings I have as well some problems, the last two tick boxes are empty, but SatStats is working and OsMand as well, only some weather applications don’t work - so this is no big problem

You can install magisk and then flash Xposed framework magisk module.

for more info checkout XDA threads.

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