Upgrading from *official* 14.1 to 15.1 (feedback/issues)

Ah, now that you said the phone got really hot. That might be related. Whenever I do some heavy stuff like full backup/restore/flashing an OS, I tend to let the phone cool down after one step has finished before doing the next.

Now I manually installed Fairphone OS 18.04.1 and the first boot seemed to be normal, I saw the homepage but the phone goes off: low battery… I’ll wait until it loads.
Do you think I can still try to install LOS 15.1?
Edit: Fairphone OS 18.04.1 finally started. But I do not understand that all my parameters are still there, even my security scheme, after wiping system, data, cache and Dalvik cache almost ten times.

I just saw that in security it says “phone encrypted”, which seems to be confirmed by twrp (asks for a pin , but still can’t access /data) and in trust it says "encryption inactive)? Display misinformation or something deeper?

Edit: I just learned that i had an accessibility helper active. After disabling and reentering the pin it now shows “encryption active”

I noticed that in 15.1 when I activate the “Do not disturb mode”, it always set “until disabled”.
In 14.1 it used the last option which in my case is “until 07:00”, i.e. when the alarm goes off.
That option is still there but so far I had to check it manually which requires an additional swipe and two taps.

Does anyone know how I can get to the same behaviour as it was with 14.1?

Best upgrade ever, battery lifetime almost doubled!

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I just did it!
Upgrade from 14.1 w/o data wiping, smooth upgrade, and my Afw (managed profile) was upgraded as well :+1:
Downside so far: no vibration/ringmode toggle in power menu, only in quicktiles (Gravitybox)
Awesome work!!
Update: NeoPowerMenu (Xposed) is still able to modify the power menu, actually it replaces the menu with it’s own, which looks at bit misplaced, but never mind…
Update regarding NeoPowerMenu (Xposed): I strongly suspect that it caused my reboots while charging, so I deaactivated it, charging is good now.


Finally I upgraded to LOS 15.1.
First I downgrade to Fairphone OS 18.04.1 following these instructions.
Then I install LOS 15.1 following these other instructions.
I restored my apps and data with Titanium Backup.
I noticed it takes longer for my home wifi to be detected. I also have some problem to restore sync with DavDroid. And I liked the old Trebuchet better…
Thanks again @Ingo and @Roboe

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Will be fixed in next upgrade.



Can you provide logcat for the audio books thing? What audio format is that?


After a flawless upgrade to 15.1, coming from encrypted 14.1 I observed some problems with notification LEDs, which don’t trigger for at least K9-Mail app (didn’t watch out for Signal). Is this something known or has anyone an idea?

Edit: Also the bug that you can’t boot out of charging mode is still present:

Chris, you should perhaps also close that one, when fixed :):

I have a similar issue: If my FP2 boots and I wait too long after the PIN entry appears, the primary SIM card is offline. I can only force PIN entry by switching the flight mode on and off.

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I’m this week not at home, I’ll provide it on Friday.

What audio format is that?


does anyone else have problems with the cLock Widget. Mine is not showing the weather. It recognized that I have installed open weather, but when I click on the weather Provider it says “no weather Provider found”.

I now have reboot @work with Apple Router under Android 8. :slight_smile: (see this thread)
The file for the protocol “last_kmsg” has no read rights under Android 8.


Hold Vol + while rebooting and get the last_kmsg from TWRP as a workaround.

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I’ve just downloaded the 20th Aug nightly via the updater, but when I tap the Install option I get a triangle with exclamation on the status bar saying install error. It doesn’t try to validate the update or run through the usual procedure as it normally would do.

I’m upgrading from the 13th Aug nightly

Rebooting into recovery and installing the downloaded update from /data/lineageos_updates/ and has installed fine.

I’m still running without encryption at the moment, so not an issue with this.

And BTW @chrmhoffmann video recording is indeed fixed now :+1:

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LEDs with k9 work for me (2 accounts configured with different colors, although i have the impression LEDs don’t always work immediately with notification. But i didn’t observe this too closely up to now