Lowest brightness setting too bright after update

My Fairphone 3 updated yesterday and since then the lowest brightness setting has become much brighter than previously. It’s giving me a headache to use at night now!

Anyone else having the same problem, and can it be fixed? The old bright was settings were just fine!

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Hi and welcome, yes you are not the only one and Fairphone is working on a fix. You will find several posts reg this, in the thread linked below you will find the official statements. I know its a long topic, so to summarize: the fix implemented for the “too bright” issue broke the adaptive brightness and therefore was cancelled. Have you tried to use Nighlight? I feel its a bit better when its turned on


Hi welcome again.

You didn’t say what update this was nor what you had before, this is avery old issue, many months.

As mentioned this issue was reported after the 0129 update and still exists after the 0132 and 0134

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