Low volume on speaker during voice call

My problem is that in speaker mode during voice calls the volume and qualoty is very low. There is nothing wrong with the speaker as during a normal audio playback the volume and quality is not a problem.

I have tried to look up related posts but for some reason this post is locked:

And this post on the same issue seems to be merged with the above post which is locked…

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Strange, same for me with the locked thread.

This has to be fixed asap. Sometimes it works for me, I have the feeling it has something to do with disabling the display after calling someone but I’m not sure. Would have to experiment with that.

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The topic can’t be accessed because it is in the bugs category, which was archived when the #bugtracker was opened.

Please search for the issue in the bugtracker or create a new reportifnone exists.

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I’ve raised a bug here: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-taiga-deployment-for-fairphone/issue/48

Hope it helps!

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Here is the correct/new link: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-fairphone-os-android-6/issue/80


Is it possible to use another app for calling? I have the same problem since about two weeks, worked perfect before that.

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Same here, could this be due to the latest update?

@Wayako and @retrovertigo please see the latest comment below on that bug report from Joel, also could you add your voices to there as well so this gets picked up by the dev team? Thank you. :slight_smile:

I have had the same problem for a long time (over a year), across several Fairphone software updates. Tried other phone apps but no difference. Right now in speaker mode with a “landline” phone and that works just fine with loud and clear sound, while mostly when talking to other mobile users I have low sound levels (almost unhearable on full volume if not next to ear). I have even experienced intermittent high/low sound level switches during a call when in speaker mode. For a while I was wondering if there was some function added to switch on/off speaker automatically according to phone direction and proximity sensor, but I have not found any logic explanation there for the behaviour either. All HW modules (Screen, Camera, Upper and lower module) have been changed a few weeks ago, but the problem persists.

From https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-fairphone-os-android-6/issue/80

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@rodolfo it worked for me in a bunch of calls over the last two weeks. When I had the issue 4 weeks ago it wouldn’t work for 3-4 calls in a row. I am not quite sure how to reproduce it atm, but ones I can, I will post it to the bug.

Is there anyone working on this?

Hi, I am also having this issue. I need to use the speaker as when I hold the phone to my ear, all the other buttons (mute/hold etc) are pressed. I do not have a protective film on the screen. I have added a comment to the bug report. Thanks.

I experience the same issue. I can hear music, videos etc. quite loudly via the back speaker. But when activating speaker / hands-free during an active call, I can barely hear a thing.

I’m new to FP2 and to online forums… I am having this low volume issue on speaker phone.
Has anyone found a solution please?

No solution yet, but the bug is marked severe and has the highest upvote count of all issues in the bugtracker, so I’m sure it’s high priority.
Also now that Android 7 is released the FP software team will have the time to work on it again, so I hope it will be fixed soon.

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Thank you Paulakreuzer,

It’s helpful to know it will be getting looked at, it’s obviously quite a significant issue.



Ik heb net voor het eerste een Fairphone (2) gekocht. Bij mij doet de luidspreker het ook niet wanneer ik gebeld wordt of zelf iemand bel. Ik kan natuurlijk aanspraak maken op garantie en zorgen dat Belsimpel (die mij de telefoon vekrocht) het fixt… Maar ik heb het idee dat het bij elke Fairphone 2 zo is, als ik dit zo lees.
Zal ik afwachten op de update naar Android 7 en dan hopen dat het probleem is opgelost?
Of toch maar naar Belsimpel gaan en mijn telefoon inleveren in de hoop op een andere waarbij de luidspreker wel werk?
Of is er inmiddels ergens een oplossing gevonden?

I’ve just bought my first Fairphone (2). I have the same problem as most people here: the speaker doesn’t work during calls of any kind. Ofcourse I can use my guarantee warranty and make Belsimpel (who sold me the phone) fix the problem. But this forum gives me the idea that this is a problem with every Fairphone 2.
Shall I wait for the update to Android 7 and hope the problem will be fixed with that update?
Or just go to Belsimpel and let them repair my phone or give a new one?
Or has there already been found a solution for this problem?

This isn’t a problem with every Fairphone 2.
But of course people having problems with their phone are more likely to ask in this forum.

It is however an accepted bug and the most upvoted one at that.


You have a FP 2 (with Android 6) and don’t have the speaker problem?