Low quality audio with bluetooth headset during phonecalls (+whatsapp calls)

While listening to podcasts or watching videos, my bluetooth headset has good quality audio. However when I receive a phone call, the phone call audio crackles and breaks up. It is audible, but the same way a very bad quality phone call from across the globe is still audible. The audio of the call is in actuality just fine and the crackling etc. appears somewhere between the phone and the headset, since if i drop the bluetooth connection and continue on speaker or normally, phone-on-ear, there are no issues at all.

The issue happens during ordinary phone calls and whatsapp phone calls, but not during discord chats.

My headphones are sony WI-C400. I’ve used these on a number of different phones and the issue is only on my fairphone 3. I also have a 2nd pair of said headphones and the issue repeats identically with them.

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Is your phone up to date? Did you upgrade it to android 10?

Yeah. I have a habit of keeping my phone up-to-date.
It’s been an issue since day 1, and still is after the android 10 update(s).

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Just another simple test to rule out some cause.
You’ve done some decent troubleshooting already. Have a try with Wifi active and without Wifi using the mobile connection.

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Did you open a case with Fairphone support?

I noticed the same thing when making calls from my car.

No not yet. I asked here first incase it was a setting or something i just needed to tweak.

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I’ve opened a case now and am waiting for a reply.


I have exactly the same issue, when I’m connected to my car or Bluetooth headset.
My fairphone is up-to-date.
I really appreciate to find a solution.

Same problem here with a Jabra Evolve 65 bluetooth headset. Quality while listening music is fine.

I have the same problem only during phone call with bluetooth headset (Bose SoundSport). Whats app call, video, music is good audio.
Maybe it’s a network problem? of the operator? app?
are there any solutions?

For me its the opposite.

All the “media” audio is pristine, only call audio is bad quality. No matter if it is the phone app, whats app or even discord.

As for network/operator/app? When I use any other audio device, like loud speaker or earpiece on the phone, the audio is once again just fine.

I have left a ticket to Fairphone, but the response was try with other audio devices and maybe its not compatible with the Fairphone, which is quite odd. Since that would make a lot of different incompatible bluetooth headphones looking at this thread. :smiley:

I’ll still go through their troubleshooting and let you guys know if any of it helped.

Step 1

Remove the paired device that is not working properly from your Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+:
Go to Settings > Connected devices > Previously connected devices > tap on the cogwheel icon next to the device → tap on the button Forget. Try to connect again and then make a call to test it.

Step 2

Reboot your phone in Safe mode and try to pair the device again and make a call to test.

Step 3**If all else fails, please perform a Factory Reset. First, make a Back up of your personal data. After this, do NOT install your appr nor restore your data, pair the headphones and make a call to check first if the issue is gone.

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