Loud speaker distorted and handsfree calling microphone issue

Loudspeaker Sound

The sound is distorted when using the loudspeaker at a reasonably loud volume. There is a lot of reverberation, especially on specific frequencies, which I know from playing around with the output levels.

This noticeably started one day a few months after owning the FP4. I have run the audio test, and although I can hear sound from each speaker module Speaker 2 melody test is distorted, and Speaker 1 melody test is also distorHowever, all. All microphone tests appear fine, i.e. I can hear the rubbing noise.

Handsfree microphone

When on a call using the loudspeaker, the recipient has a tough time hearing me. The difficulty hearing me is more apparent on phone calls than on internet calls, perhaps due to the usually poorer sound quality.

These issues occur using both the stock FP OS and iode OS.
Has anyone else had these issues and know how to fix them or if replacement parts are required?


I can confirm the problem with the loudspeaker. The speaker or the signal is clipping.
Same thing on my fathers FP4.


I don’t have issues with the microphones and call quality, but I completely agree that the speakers can be pretty awful.

The top one is especially painful to listen to :hear_no_evil:, took me only seconds of listening to a piano piece before I went to Accessibility Settings, switched the output to mono and shifted the balance to the bottom one.
Not perfect, but waaaay better.

I had to do them same on the FP4 of a family member, seems like a general flaw to me.


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