Lost internet yesterday even with 4G present - any ideas?


I feel for you, it’s a damn nuisance I know.

From what JJTreby told us, and your own report I suspect your problems are linked to the recent update in much the same way as for JJT before.

@JJTreby Just to be clear, while you said in an earlier post “restart and deselecting ‘automatically select network’ has fixed”, in fact it turned out there was a problem that EE were able to fix in their systems, is that correct?

Thanks for your help. There are unfortunately quite often problems with individual operators after OS updates. When Fairphone and / or the operator are aware of a potential problem they delay pushing out the update to that network until it’s fixed, but there are often cases like this.

It’s important to make sure that both FP and EE (in this instance) are aware of the problem.

Thank you for all your thoughts. I contacted both Fairphone and EE as soon as it happened. So far no response from Fairphone. My sim works fine in my 2017 Samsung A3 which I switched from last month.

Ok although it seems def related to the recent update, the fact that a SIM works in another phone does not indicate in general that it is not faulty

For those having issues after the recent update please follow-up here

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