Lost internet yesterday even with 4G present - any ideas?


Thank you - all tried and still same, no internet via:
google calendar

but can still use:

The same has happened to my phone and my wife’s. I was assuming it was the last Android update. I haven’t found a solution yet

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If anyone knows anything about the latest Android update that might be helpful

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Topics in the forum : Search results for '0016.6' - Fairphone Community Forum

Yes. These services use a different type of cellular connection, not regular Internet as provided by Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Whatsapp does not use mobile data? Since when is this the case?

Does your provider also use EE network as Ecotalk? Have you tried the troubleshoots mentioned above? Like resetting APN to default?

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Oops, going too fast. Be interesting to see whether anything more than text can be sent (photo for e.g.)

Yes, EE. Have tried all of the above - thank you everyone! No solution yet.

We are also with Ecotalk. As you say, hope it’s not that combo that’s the issue, but I think it would be EE rather than ecotalk as they just buy into their network I think

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I have just spoken to ecotalk. They confirm it is a known issue and that it should be resolved for all users tomorrow. They could not state if it was Ecotalk or Fairphone issue but the combination of the 2 has caused the issue.


Yes, likely EE as it is their network.

Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear its being resolved

Unlikely to be resolved to morrow if it was a Fairphone issue as it would require changes to the OS and a whole new update.

Issue resolved. restart and deselecting ‘automatically select network’ has fixed. Thank you everyone for your help! (still no reply from Fairphone support ticket).


I am having the same issue with my wife’s FP3+ on EE.

we tried resetting the network, installed a new simcard activated earlier today and new APN settings
It works for some time then it stops.
This started to happen after the last update I think.
It is a New phone , first time purchase, it is quite annoying as we travel a lot and the mobile data connection is vital.

Hi, same issue for me since a recent FP patch.

Network: EE

Model: fairphone 3

Attempts to fix:

  • network settings resets
  • SIM tried in both slots
  • EE tech support phone reset
  • different locations inside and outside
  • no reported outages in region
  • manual network override and reselection of EE/ automatic
  • factory reset of handset
  • APN reset to default

Any support to remedy would be welcome.

EE tech support sorted for me. Users online here were useful but EE said they were aware of the issue and fixed the day after. Unsure if you have the same issue. Fairphone support non existent. I think they checked in on me a month after I contacted them.

I spent all day on the phone to EE with no luck (led me through the troubleshooting above). Thoroughly demoralised.

Any chance to test a non EE Sim?