Lost contacts due to update to FP Open 17.08.1 or due to openkeychain?

Hello, I lost my contacts! one reason could be the update to fairphone open 17.08.1. as described earlier (see Updater offers Fairphone Open 17.07.6)
Another reason could be that I installed openkeychain (long time ago) and now created a new key. Do you have any suggestions what I can do to get my contacts back?

It probably was because of the buggy update, as other users have notified here:

Anyway, why OpenKeyChain has permissions to read and write your contacts? (as listed in it’s F-Droid page) I’m curious.

As the authors say at https://www.openkeychain.org/about/:

Contacts: Connect keys to your contacts (only offline)

OpenKeychain can act as an address book in the contacts application which will then get merged with other address books like a CardDAV or Google account. As far as I know this will not sync information about the PGP keys into the other address books, the matching only happens locally/offline. In any case, I disabled “link keys to contacts” in the Synchronization settings of OpenKeychain and it still works fine, meaning that k9mail still finds and uses keys automatically.

Oh, I see. Thank you, I couldn’t find that in a quick search, :slight_smile:

I also lost some of my contacts with this upgrade. Any idea on how to have them back?
The curious thing is that I only lost some of them…

If you didn’t do anything with OpenKeyChain, so the problem would be solely to blame on upgrading the OS, then you could try MyPhoneExplorer …

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I do not use google services so my contacts were only saved offline. Well actually I have an old full backup of the phone I did with Titanium Back Up, I should look if I can fetch them from there.

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