Loss of signal with FP in standby

Hi folks,

I´ve a curios symptom with my FP2.

At first my phone settings:

Normal operation, no special apps running. wLan, Bluetooth and Phonecall to provider switched on.

My FP is on and the touch-screen is in standby. The whole time no call and no WhatsApp/sms
received. After a while I switch on only the display, with the switch on the side of FP. But I give not the code to open the start page, only switch the display on.

Than one or more messages arrives with popup and audible signal. At first I thought it´s an app problem. The second thing, everybody says, when I call you, your mailbox is on.

In the car with Bluetooth connected, there is an extra signal strength indication in car
cockpit. So sometimes I see there is no signal receive (but I know in this area
there is a good signal strength) and when I push now the switch on FP to
activate the display … full signal strength receive.

You can´t see the problem only with the FP, because when you activate the display
everything is all right.

This happens not every time, I think it is when the FP is in standby and you lose
the connection and then it will not reconnect itself, when the signals are back
again. It connects when you push the button.

Is it a setting problem???

It could be a battery saving setting…

At least for wifi (wlan) there is such a setting: Go to Settings --wifi – the three dots menue in the upper right corner – advanced – Keep wifi on during sleep.
I’ve set it to “always”.

Hi Irina,

thanks for the fast response.

The Wi-Fi setting is “always”. And it is not only a Wi-Fi problem, it’s a problem of each communication Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, phone call signal over provider.

In normal condition everything is connected and work fine, but when one of them loos the
contact (in standby modus) it won´t reconnect itself, except you push the

So it can be one of them or all of them …
And I don´t think it is normal to lose, for example phone contact to save battery.

It’s really strange. It looks like you’re phone switches to flight mode while on standby. I have some more ideas about settings you could check, but these are all only wild guesses.

  1. Settings --> Battery --> the three dot menue in the upper right corner. Is “battery saver” really switched off?

  2. Settings --> Sound and notifications --> Notifications. You could try to set the notifications for the apps you need (phone, e-mail, messaging etc.) to priority.

  3. Check the settings in Settings --> Sound and notifications --> Interruptions. Maybe try allowing everything. What about the “Downtime” settings?

It´s everything in correct setting, you descript before. Only one thing, were is “Downtime

Now I made a reset of the phone, to factory standard. After Boot up I shut it down and
removed the accu for a while, installed it again. Than a new phone start. But no help.

Now I see, when I push the button there is no Wi-Fi symbol in the top of the screen for approx.
1sec. than it illuminates in full strength and with data incoming/outgoing

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