Losing connection between left and right earbud

Continuing the discussion from A (incomplete) list of bugs and issues with Fairbuds:

To mention that this is without current firmware v5.6

about the firmware: I would love to update the firmware, but there is no app available on iOS to update and prior updates of the firmware bricked the Fairbuds, so maybe it is understandable that this is on the firmware that came with the fairbuds upon launch.

Yes I know and I guess you also know why, as its discussed in the respective topic here in the forum in detail and you linked this in your list.

Added this remark, as it might be that the withdrawn update will fix many issues when its available also for iOS again.

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The IOS App was approved by Apple and will soon be available for download. This was posted 1 hour ago by a Fairphone Product Team member in another thread. So, the wait will soon be over :grinning:

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I wrote a lengthy post about how the connection doesn’t work and then it turns out, the app only can see the fairbuds if they are out of the case. which I would not have expected, given that most devices want to be cradled as much as possible when they’re updating their firmware. It also doesn’t say it in the text up front, just that i should put them in pairing mode (which only works when they are in the case).

Firmware update is in progress with the fairbuds laying raw on the table. Let’s hope for the best.

EDIT: It took a could of tries of reconnecting them to the app, but now they seem to not be bricked and on the most recent software version. The audio is still out of sync with the video.