A (incomplete) list of bugs and issues with Fairbuds

Here is an incomplete list of issues I have been having with my Fairbuds. This is not to complain but to give this feedback to the devs to get the issues (hopefully) all fixed.

  • Audio/video sync issue: Fairbuds delay audio by about 200 to 400 ms, resulting in desync with video content (iOS, Windows)
  • Losing connection between left and right earbud, resulting in out of sync audio between both earbuds or losing all audio in the left earbud. Fixes itself within a couple of seconds, happened today about 5 to 8 times during my commute of 50 minutes
  • No app available (iOS, 17.4.24). App that was shortly available can’t connect to Fairbuds
  • One morning, after charging them the night before, both earbuds were empty. They lost all charge over night in the case. This was on day one of owning them.
  • Others: Firmware update bricks Fairbuds, maybe fixed in an app update on Android?
  • When changing modes, often long press triggers the same mode: Noise Cancelling → Noise Cancelling Off → Noise Cancelling Off → Ambiance
  • No easy way to switch between two Devices connected simultaneously, have to unpair/pair on the device I want to listen to. The help article states “With dual point connectivity, you can connect up to two devices simultaneously. Just press the pairing button for 3 seconds again, until you hear that familiar “Pairing Mode” prompt, then select the Fairbuds on your device to switch seamlessly between your two connected devices." This doesn’t do anything but create a chime in my fairbuds.

I am fairly disappointed in the state of the Fairbuds, I had high hopes and feel quite let down. I own them now for about a week and not one of my issues seems close to be fixed.


It’s interesting that almost all the problems are due to software again.

Fairphone should really consider changing the way they develop software.

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Well you complain knowing that you dont have the most recent firmware.

Overall as a forum rule: dont duplicate topics and dont create long lists of issues, rather open one per issue, if discussion is wanted. I will close here therefore and open seperate topics for issues not already discussed.

And: the forum is a user forum and normally no contact to the devs, issues have to be reported to support.