LOS 15.1 Settings app crashes

A friend of mine has problems with the settings. Especially when he wants to open the “Settings -> System -> Buttons” the settings are crashing.

I have the same problem.

I’m sure @chrmhoffmann will appreciate a logcat of the crash to understand what’s failing. Could you provide some? Mine is not crashing.

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Mine is not crashing either. I’m running 15.1 for microG.

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Is that a system that was upgraded from 14.1 or a fresh install?

Mine has been uprgraded (with encrypted data partition).

Can you provide logcat, please?

I’ll try when I’m back home again, tonight or tomorrow.

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Was a upgrade from 14.1.
Here is a logcat, right after reproduced the crash.

logcat.pdf (337.9 KB)

(What is the best way, to provide a logcat in this forum?)

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Here’s my logcat. I guess nearly everything since rebooting it this morning until 17:15 might be irrelevant. I triggered the event shortly before cancelling logcat.


(I tried it with a GitLab snippet - if this is the best way, I don’t know.)

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