Loosing microphone during calls


During a call i’m loosing microphone after a while.
I’m not ure the lock screen is really working because when i end the call, i discover many apps opened …

But you should easily see, if the screen is off or on during call thanks to this HUGE screen. Or is your head that big? :wink:

You can also try to cover the upper part with your hands after starting a call to check for the proximity sensor (here and here).

Maybe you just accidently presse the “mute” symbol during the call because of the acitvated touchscreen?

The screen is off, but it seems touchscreen is not disabled

I did not know that this would be technically even possible…but maybe somebody knows more?

As a workaround, try manually locking the phone (with the power button) right before putting it on your ear?

After several tests i discovered that the problem appear only when i plug earphones
I tried changing earphones but the problem still occur :frowning:

Same here :frowning: I’m so sorry because I really want the phone to work so I can tell all Norwegian people to go for the Fairphone! It’s not only a problem with the earphones, but also with the phone itself. Anyone got a solution for this problem?

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