Loose connection of the USB-C port covered by guarantee?

Hello there,

since a few weeks I have a loose connection of the USB-C port. Charging is only possible if the cable is pushed against at a certain angle. Cleaning the port did not help. The problem persists with all chargers and cables which do work fine for other products.

Is this covered by the guarantee? The support cannot help me as I have /e/OS installed and not Fairphone OS. Would it be worth investing the time to reinstall Fairphone OS to prove that it is a hardware problem?

Kind regards, J

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Frankly what I would do if I had this problem on my FP4 would be to check if the speaker (module) still sits firmly in place. The USB-C port is held in place under/by the speaker, so you might want to check if the six screws in the speaker (see Step 6 in the link) are still tightened or if something has loosened:

By the way, the whole procedure described in the article certainly takes just a fraction of the “25-45 minutes” estimate stated at its top.

Hi Urs,

thank you for your suggestion. I removed both speaker module and charging port and inserted them again making sure the screws are tightened. But the problem still persists.

Kind regards, J

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A new USB-Port ist about 15€:

So it’s maybe worth a try instead of reinstalling software and sending the phone back and forth.

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Have a try cleaning it again, i Had this a few Times across different phones and the Users Always Said they cleaned it, but there always was compressed dust in the bottom looking Like plastic…
Worth another try before buying a New Port…

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