Looking to sell camera module FP2 (no longer in stock)


A while back I bought a new camera module, since my camera was having issues. Then, when the module arrived, my camera magically worked again (yay). I have held on to the new module for a while now, in case the camera would break again, but it’s been so long that I want to sell it now. I only ship within Europe. Reply if interested!

Kind regards, Jits

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Hi Jits, I’m very interested! New the parts cost € 75,-, what do you want to have for it incl. shipping? I live in the Netherlands. To verify, we’re talking about newest camera modules 12 and 5 MP right? Regards, Julia

Hoi Julia,

Komt goed uit dat je in Nederland woont! Ik heb alleen de camera module voor de achterkant, die is 12 MP (augustus dit jaar ontvangen). Bedoel je met de 5 MP de selfiecamera van de top module? Die heb ik niet.

grs Jits

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Hi Jits!

Is this camera still available? Just to check is this the 12MP camera?

Thanks :slight_smile:


If not, I too have a set of fully functional 12MP and 5MP camera units available for sale if you are interested :slight_smile:

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Great! I’m mainly interested in the rear camera. What’s your price for this and for both? + sending to Portugal?


Hi Seagull, I’m actually interested in both cameras instead of just the back one which Jits is offering. What price do you ask incl. shipping to Netherlands?

HI @Jits_Fingers its, Since @Kaegh_Allen is only interested in a back camera and I’m looking for both cameras I’m waiting for a reply by @seagull. Thanks for your reply though @Jits_Fingers!

Yes maybe it’s best if @seagull sells both to Julzar and @Jits_Fingers sells me just the back camera?!

What’s your price for just the back camera @Jits_Fingers?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is there still someone selling a camera module? Old or new, anything would help!

@seagull @Jits_Fingers, whats up? I’m anxiously awaiting your reply :slight_smile:

Hey JulZar,

Sorry for the long reply time - I am pretty busy these days, so I forget things fast!

Since I have a heap of spare parts for sale, I created a topic, since I would prefer to sell them all to one person in order to save shipping and CO2 costs. :slight_smile:


Hi! Yeah, I just saw. Well as said I don’t need all of the things, just the camera modules. I’m away for the weekend so won’t respond, but if you’re going to decide to sell to anyone who’s interested in anything I hope I’m the first one you think about when it comes to the camera modules.

I have an old camera module to sell if you are still interested

Is there still anyone out there who is going to sell the 12 MP Camera module for FP2?
Best regards

Hi Monika,
how much do you sell it for? You would have to ship it to Berlin.
Bye for now

Hoi @Jits_Fingers
Verkoopt u nog steeds de 12MP-camera? Ik zal met kerst in Nederland zijn, dus je kunt het makkelijk naar mij opsturen!



With registered mail it would be 14 Eur.

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