Looking to buy fairphone 1 or 2

I’m looking to buy a fairphone 1 or 2

I live in Madrid, Spain

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Be aware, that shipping batteries cross-border is virtually impossible for individuals.

Hi, I have a fully working FP2 which I can send you, although I understand that the battery will have to be excluded, because it’s not legal for me to send a phone battery.

If you are interested, please feel free to send me a private message, and I can tell you more about the phone I have available.

The best you can is check with the postoffice. If a battery is inside a phone, then it could be possible to send the phone by post. Mostly it is not allowed to send batteries loose.


that´s a good idea,thanks!

Hi! I have tried to send you a private message but I didn’t see the posibility in your profile. Anyway, I’m new in this platform so if you know how to do it please contact me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve now sent you a private message (I think!)


Didn’t arrive!I have been reading about and that is because i’m a basic user (new). When you stay more time you can have this posibility of mesages. So send me an email: evayalvarez in Gmail



Thanks Eva. Emailing you now.

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