Looking for (some advice on what to do with a broken) Bottom Module AGAIN... ;)

Hello, it is only some weeks ago that I was looking for a FP2 bottom module
and thankfully received one from a very kind fellow Fairphone user!

However, the microphone of this bottom module now also stopped working… For some change this one did not die completely like its predecessor, but only records loud crackling noise so that people on the other side of the line always think I am in some sort of snow storm or on a building site… So it might not be the microphone but some contacts this time, but after some research this doesn’t seem to make much difference and I seem to be left with three options:

  1. Stop using my Fairphone as a phone in its primary function - I never liked talking over the phone anyway, so maybe that is my chance to escape this societal necessity?!

  2. Have another go with the hot air gun - although I still have no clue how to use it without burning myself or parts of the phone that were not in need of any repair… There don’t seem to be many of you out there who successfully followed the advice on the thread about the FP2 Bottom Module Repair … In case I am wrong please let me know!

  3. Get in the line of people on here waiting for someone with a spare Bottom Module once again!

What would you do?? :smiley:

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See also the following post ~ you could try a repair shop ~

Thank you. This is the post I was referring to above - I have studied this thread several times and attempted to follow its suggestions, without any success…
However, I will keep in mind the idea of a repair shop for the time after our current lockdown… Thanks!

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Apologies for the link, the one you posted is a different one although both refer to repairing the microphone.

Oh, you are right, the one I posted is a different one, but it is linked in the one you posted - I thought they were in one and the same thread. Apologies for the confusion!!

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