Looking for FP2 Core module (Switzerland or anywhere else)

After almost every other module in my FP2 has failed at some point (sometimes twice), now my core module was struck and I need a replacement.
Is anyone willing to sell? I’m based in Zürich, Switzerland, but depending on the selling price would be willing to pay for shipment.
Thanks in advance!

What kind of failure does your core module have?

Hi, thanks for your reply!
It seems to be unable to properly communicate with the screen. A few days ago, upon startup, the screen started to display weird black and white lines or overlapping content before slowly fading to black. At first, gently pressing the display on the sides helped for a few seconds, but after a day or so it stayed black.
The rest seems to work. After getting back from holiday, I started the phone and it stayed black but seemed to connect to my wifi again, since it started vibrating every now and then, probably getting messages and notifications.

FP support suspected a faulty core module and just this afternoon I was able to switch the display with someone else’s: both displays didn’t work on my phone, but both worked on the other person’s phone. What do you think?

That indeed looks like a problem with your core-module, or with the contact between core module and display.
Have you tried cleaning the contacts or this solution?

Maybe one of the fairphoneangels can help you with diagnosis (if someone is near you).

I have kind of the same failure with one phone.

Will try to resolder it.

Hi Bert,
yes, I’ve tried cleaning it with everything that was recommended to solve the problem, no effect… I’m also periodically trying to start the phone, but the situation is unchanged.
Please do let me know if you have another idea!

Well, I am not really an expert or tech savvy.
I would try 2 different things.
1 The cardbord solution, that is mentioned in the thread I linked to above.
2 The “baking the core module” solution in the thread that @ElKrasso linked to. At the end of this thread there is explained another method for doing the baking.

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Hi again and thanks! I checked out that thread and it turns out that the tipp with twisting the phone (not pressing) does actually momentarily help and I can operate the phone to some degree! That would probably confirm the faulty-contact theory. I’d like to try out the cardboard solution, but how do I “insert some padding under the core module’s contact area”? I assume the contact area is the bloc of 3x10 pins on the right, but I have no idea how to fit anything underneath or whatever the idea is…

At least I have some hope again that I won’t have to resort to the baking-idea :smiley:


Your are right with the identification of the display connector. I think the idea with the padding requires you to completely disassemble the phone until you have the core module separated from the white plastic frame (step 12 in the ifixit guide). Note that in order to reach all silver screws fixing the main module you might have to unscrew the black screw in the display connector and remove the display connector’s rubber frame - provided it has a rubber frame. Then you can place a suitable isolating padding, e.g. a piece of cardboard, between the white plastic frame and the back side of the display connector and reassemble everything.
However, I assume that like the bending of the phone the padding is just a temporary solution. Once nothing works anymore, do try the resoldering of the core module, either in the oven or with hot air. It’s delicate, but not rocket science!

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I am not so sure, that the padding solution does require such intrusive actions.
As I would understand it, you just put some thin cardboard between the core module and the back cover (in the area of the contacts) to apply some more pressure when the cover is closed.

This of course explains (to me), why the solution is temporary only. The back cover will wear out, because it’s much more flexible and soft than the core-module, it’s meant to press against the display.

Maybe the intrusive way could be lasting longer, as it does not rely on the thin back-cover.
On the other hand, I would be cautious to insert cardboard in the inner parts of the phone; but that’s just a feeling and not based on anything I can point to.

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