Looking for FP2 bottom module & possibly camera

Looking for a Fairphone 2 bottom module as the microphone in mine no longer works and is no longer stocked by Fairphone (more than a ittle disappointed in that). I need a camera too but I can still buy one from Fairphone if I can’t find one here.

Needs to be shipped within or to the UK.


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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.


I have a camera which you are welcome to - no bottom module, I’m afraid (other than a dead one which I guess you don’t want :slight_smile: ). Message me your address and I will send it to you.


Hi Gethin

Sorry, I missed this come in among a load of other messages. I’ve been offered 3 bottom modules by someone who doesn’t know how well (or even if) they work. I’ll try them all and if at least one works I wondered if you’d rather have one to get your own phone working if that’s all that’s wrong with it? I could always buy myself a camera as they’re still available unlike the bottom module.

However, if your phone is beyond repair then I’d be very grateful for the camera. I’d be more than happy to pay for postage.

Thanks again.


By dead do you mean no power via usb?

Hi Peter,

Thank you, but I got a bottom module from Fairphone while they were still available, so my phone is fine now. You are very welcome to the camera - let me know your address and I will pop it in the post to you.


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Hi peter, another forum user has emailed me to day he sent you 3bottom modules. If they all work and you don’t need them all, could I have one of them ? Thsnks

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Hi Peter,

I am also looking for a bottom module. If you still have a spare one from the three mentioned by @SallyPickering I would gladly take it.

The modules arrived yesterday (thanks!). I was warned they might not all work 100%
It might be a few days before I have time to test them all but when I’ll do then if 2 work I’ll PM you Sally for your address and if all 3 are ok I’ll PM preacher man for yours.


Many thanks. Much appreciated.

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