Looking for defective FP2 or FP2 cases

Hello guys. I want to buy defective FP2 for Repair or Back cases in the colours:
Transparent ( old / slim )
Transculent (all colours, old / slim)
Black (old / slim)


Hi explit.
You can buy my FP2, all parts except the display seem working o.k.
the display is broken in so far as there is one vertical insensitive line on the right half.
What would you guess is this device worth to you? I really like to give it in skilled hands for repairing before recycling.

Peace franky

What case your fp2 have?

Kind regards


Do you will try to repair the cases?

As you can see on the picture, its a regular black matte one.
with some stripes of iso adhesive tape at one corner and instant acrylglue on this rubberseam around the frame, which often tended to break, it now became a really robust case.


Hi Explit,

Would you be interested in a slim translucent black back cover, which looks fine if you don’t pay close attention, but is broken at 3 corners (which is why I would send it for free - or only shipping costs if they’re expensive)? It still fits and the black rim is OK, but it’s uncomfortable and will probably continue to break apart little by little, unless you use glue or adhesive band…

Here are some pictures:

What do you say?

Hello. As i understood, the new slim covers in black and transpoarent breaks to easy…
THats bad, because i would like one without brakes…

Than i need to look for the old (fat) covers


The problem is that the old transparent ones also had a tendency to break too easily and even in normal use, plus the rubber rim used to deform and split from the plastic, which is why they stopped producing them.

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Indeed I had two (one black one semi-transparent) in both cases the rubber part started to detach from the rigid back very quickly (a month or so). Very annoying. They’re both covered in strong tape by now, which is a mess as it tends to stick to dirt. I’m considering buying a new slim case, hoping that they last longer.

The new slim cases do last much longer… Unless you had bought the transparent ones (which is why they’re not on sale anymore)!

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