Looking for a FP2 bottom module/ich suche ein fp2 bottom module


I am looking for a bottom module for the FP2. Shipping would be to Switzerland.
Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

I also need a new bottom module as it stopped working just some days after Fairphone stopped selling original replacement parts (why did I buy a repairable phone again?) …

Location would be Munich/Germany


It’s an attractive idea but beauty fades in the eye of the beholder as the eyes tire and the brain looses focus.

Hi @hannah1 and @fp2089 welcome to the forum.

Please have a look at this post.

Also looking for a FP2 bottom module (my microphone just died :cry:), to be shipped to Belgium please :pray:.
I already tried restarting the phone, cleaning it, re-tightening the screws and taking the module out then replacing it.
'Hope I can find another bottom module and make my FP2 last longer :crossed_fingers:


Hi togehter, I need your help !! I’m looking for a FP2 bottom module, the microphone no works.
Ich suche ein FP2 Bottom-Modul, das Mikrofon funktioniert nicht mehr! Dringend…
Wohne bei Darmstadt/Germany.
Ich würde mich riesig freuen über eine positive Nachricht!
Danke und beste Grüße

Look here:

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Hi Volker, I’m looking for a FP2 bottom module, the microphone no works. Have you yet a FP2 bottom module ?

Hi @Helloelo,
I’m very sorry. I don’t have a spare FP2 bottom module. I was just linking to someone having one in June…

I’m also looking for a FP2 bottom module. My microphone doesn’t work since 3 months but I don’t want to call/talk over the speaker anymore (people near me get annoyed)

If somebody has a working FP2 bottom module I would be happy :slight_smile:
Or does anybody know if is it possible to just replace the microphone (soldering)?

It would be a perfect christmas gift for me :wink:

Hi take a look at

There’s info in the topic


Suppose you’ve also considered to use a headset as workaround?


Yes thank you. :+1: I have considered to use a headset but unfortunately a headset is not at hand anytime if someone is calling. :wink:


Hi amoun, thank you very much for researching the topics.

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Maybe you can get a refurbished bottom module:

Bonjour à tous. Je cherche aussi un “bottom module” pour FP2, en raison d’une panne de micro. Qui peut m’aider?
Un grand merci!

il me semble que le module inférieur (bottom module) de mon Fairphone 2 est défecteux :
-pbm de faux contact à la “prise” avec le câble pour recharger la batterie
-problème de microphone, je dois mettre en haut-parleur lors des appels pour que l’interlocuteur m’entende.
Savez-vous où je peux racheter un module inférieur ?

Et comme je vois que de nombreux clients sont dans le même cas que moi, je suis à 2 doigts de contacter une association de consommateurs pour parler de cette problématique : arrêt de production d’une pièce détachée pour un téléphone vendu comme réparable.
Qui serait également intéressé ?


I would be verz interested and there would be a lot of interested people as well.

Thank you.

Hallo fp2089
Ich bin auch in München und habe ein fp2 abzugeben. Es ist alles ok bis auf den core, der defekt ist. Dh alle austauschbaren Module funktionieren. Interesse?
LG Hanno

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