Long Life Cable USB-C 3.2

The new “Long Life Cable USB-C 3.2” introduced today is for USB 3, right? As a Fairphone 3/3+ owner, can we hope that there will soon be a new “Fairphone 3 submodule” with USB 3 to buy? Since the USB-C 3.2 long-life cable is quite expensive, I’d think twice about buying one if there wasn’t a sensible reason like a new “Fairphone 3 submodule”. I hope for a new “Fairphone 3 submodule” with USB 3.


For reference:


Alex.A Thanks for that, I forgot to say its a Fairphone Product. :wink:


Out of curiousity: As this new cable allows to physically connect two FP3s (resp. two USB-C ports), I wonder if this will actually allow to directly move files between the two devices (incl. any SD cards inserted)? I am doubtful it will, but maybe someone has better expertise there. :slight_smile:

Besides, the question of potential power vampirism (i.e. does the cable allow to charge one FP3 from another FP3) is interesting, too … :wink: (I am even more skeptical here)


Probably there could be a new standart: FP2G (Fairphone to Grid) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Tentative responsive from Fairphone on Twitter today:

I’d still be curious to try this one day, I remain hesitant to – figuratively – buy it.


…or why not skip to USB4, while we’re at it?

If you connect two USB-C devices together and both can act as host or as device (client), then it is randomly decided which one gets which role. The host acts like a computer and can access the resource that is selected in the client’s USB mode selector.

It is possible to switch modes if you want the other phone as host, but I don’t know whether the option for this is shown in the user interface.


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