Living without writing G%§$e - or how to replace words in textfields

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I’m living without the big G swearword pretty much since I bought my first Fairphone (1U) and am trying to encourage and help anyone who goes the same way (#livingwogoogle).
By doing that I often mention The-Company-that-shall-not-be-named and if I think about it I tend to censor it’s name (e.g. G%§$e).
But that really slows down my writing flow and I often forget.

So here is my question:
Does anyone know an App or (Firefox)-extension that can automatically replace predefined words that you write?

What I found are addons that can replace words on a website like:

But they don’t correct words that you write.

So I tried with dictionary extensions, but I can’t unteach them words they know by default and also can’t teach them words with special characters.


You could even go one step further and block google.com on your firewall or set up a raspberry pi as a private DNS-server and redirect the URL to something else.

FYI: There’s also a firefox version of the Drumpfinator.


Well that’s a good general tip for avoiding you-know-what, but it doesn’t help with the goal I’m trying to achieve.


At least in #kitkat you can go to the user dictionary, add a new word (for example “Gxxgle”) and then give it a shortcut (for example “Gx”). “Gxxgle” will pop up whenever you type “Gx” (you will have to select it from the suggestions).

For Firefox maybe there is something similar (search for “auto completion”). Edit: May by this?


That’s a good idea, I haven’t tried that yet. But to be honest I don’t want to reenable autocompletion and/or word-suggestions again just for this.

PS: I think I’ll stick with FoxReplace. After writing a text mentioning G%§$e or Drumpf I can simply replace all those words with 2 clicks. (I only have to be aware when mentioning #livingwogoogle as #livingwoG%§$e::tag doesn’t render as anything useful.)


You can do it with userscripts. User script managers are available for both PC and Android Firefox. I use Greasemonkey on PC and usi on Android.


Well, I name you-know-who after the way it is pronounced in German: Guhgel
That’s quickly written as well.


May I ask why you do this? I get it you don’t like Google and the way they behave, but what does that have to do with writing down their name? It’s not like they “win” if you forget to “censor” their name, isn’t it?
I know you don’t like them, and you have very good reasons for it. But acknowledging their existence is the first step in “knowing your enemy”! :wink:


I feel like it creates a lot of false positives if someone searches for something actually G%§$e related.


Harry Potter also spoke out HIS name. :wink:


Yeah and Dobby had to die because of that.


Do you think that someone will eventually die, if we speak out the-software-company-that-must-not-be-named ? :open_mouth:


No, but I think that’s not the only flaw in the comparison:

  • Most wizards are/were not using the name Voldemort. Most muggles do use the name G%§$e.
  • Wizards were afraid of the name. Muggles have no problem using it even as a verb.
  • After the deatheaters took over the wizarding ministry using the name “Voldemort” meant you were found by snatchers. Since G%§$e took over the internet mentioning their name just means your post is found when searching their name - like with any other word.


What if I told you it’s already happening? These are the facts:

  • Everybody dies someday.
  • Everybody uses the word Google.

Open your eyes!!!111elevenoneone


That means that @paulakreuzer will live forever! :sunny:


Muahaha. I’m the evil which and cursed the rest of the world with the evil Googliwoogli curse!


I have this on one of my computers (and googleapis, maps, etc.). However, that means I cannot login to many websites. ReCaptcha runs on G servers… So I’ll switch to another computer for that. At least it makes me conscious of this omnipresence…


Some people dislike Google so much that it causes them physical pain to even type it correctly :wink: .

Is Fairphone2 without google (absolutely without) possible for a technically clueless user?

I’ve seen a couple of variants so far:

  • G%§$e by @paulakreuzer (probably because %=oo, §=g and $=l and because it looks like a censored swearword)
  • Gobble by @Roboe (I think of a creepy slimy green creature here with never ending hunger of your data)
  • G00gle by me (mainly because 0 is next to o, so it doesn’t make too much difference when typing and I also want them to have 0 power)


As long as it doesn’t result in something as disrupting as Bobby Tables … let the kids have their fun :slight_smile: