Live Wallpaper Picker crashes

I’m getting this error (Live Wallpaper Picker has stopped) whenever I try to use a live wallpaper.
I’m running Cherry 1.6.

I tried to stop apps and clean cache, but it doesn’t work.

Any suggestion?


Do you currently use an App to provide your wallpaper? If so you could stop/uninstall that app to see if it is causing the problem.

Do you currently use an App to provide your wallpaper?

No, I just changed the background image with another one.


I am having exactly the same problem. I can’t get my Live Wallpapers back.

Are you also on Fairphone OS Cherry 1.6?

Does it still not work after a reboot?

I don’t know what OS it has, how do I find out?

Go to the Fairphone Updater App and it will say something like “You are currently running …”.

…ok, so I’ve run an update, which reboots the phone, and it’s no different – “Unfortunately, Live Wallpaper Picker has stopped.”

Which Version are you running now? It’s important so I can pass it to the software team.

Also a list of display relevant apps and system apps (like: Do you have Google Apps installed?) would be good.

Thanks for your help.
If I go to Settings / About Phone it says: FP1, Android 4.2.2. (Which is what it said before the upgrade).
The text entry keyboard has changed, with the comma now to the left of the space bar;
Following the upgrade I let it do yesterday, I have also lost Play Store. There was a message about it when it rebooted. I found an icon for it in Apps / Widgets, and dragged it onto my screen, but when I run it, it just makes the screen flash white briefly, and then return; it doesn’t run. How can I restore this?
A list of apps:
Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp;
OS Locate, OS MapFinder, Strava, Google Maps, BBC Media Player (unreliable), Adobe Reader,, TripAdvisor, Ebay, Flashlight, smile bank, National Rail, BBC iPlayer, Play Store (not working)
I don’t think I have Google Apps. Everything I’ve downloaded was from the Play Store.
Any advice very gratefully received.

Also since last night -
no notifications in top left of screen;
Gmail account no longer syncing; I go to account settings and tick Sync Gmail, but the message on Gmail Primary screen “Account sync is off” does not disappear, and I am not getting emails.
This is disastrous… please help!

OK there are multiple things, I need to clarify:

  1. What is your version of Fairphone OS? E.g.:
  • Google Apps is a package, which includes Google Play store, Maps, GMail, etc. So, if you have Google Playstore, you have Google Apps.

  • If you cannot install Google Apps (and have troubles with GMail), very probably something went wrong during the update of Fairphone OS. Please try to do the update again.

Don’t worry with all of this, click around a bit and you will find your way. You can’t really damage your phone on the software side. :wink:

All I ever see in Updater is Android 4.2.2 – no Kola Nut or any such… where else can I look?
Anyway, since I messaged earlier, I have found Google Apps and reinstalled it, and the Updater suddenly resumed and completed and everything is now working again – except the Live Wallpaper Picker, which I can manage without!
Thanks for your help, it’s very good to know you’re there when I need you.

OK, I get it now! :slight_smile: Just for the record: What you installed is Google Android 4.2.2 without any modifications by Fairphone (it’s called “Vanilla Android”). If you want to go back, you need to install Fairphone OS manually. :wink:

You are very welcome, get back to me, if you need further assistance. :slight_smile:

Hallo Stefan, ich nehme an, dass die Flagge für Österreich steht? :smile: Ich weiß, es ist kein großes Problem, aber bei mir passiert dasselbe, die ursprünglichen Hintergründe sind weg, nur noch live Hintergründe sind in dem Ordner und ich bekomme dieselbe Fehlermeldung… Kann ich da was machen?

:de: Ja, bin aus Österreich. (Falls dus noch nicht gesehen hast: Austrian Fairphoners und Community Addressbuch :slight_smile: ).

Bitte versuch, die Lösungsvorschläge oben in Englisch zu verstehen. Wenn irgendetwas unklar ist, kannst du natürlich trotzdem auf Deutsch fragen. Für gewöhnlich wird im Fairphone Forum Englisch gesprochen, also falls du damit Schwierigkeiten hast, werde ich deine Deutschen posts kurz auf Englisch übersetzen.

:gb: Yes, I am from Austria. (check Austrian Fairphoners and the Community Address book :slight_smile: ).
Since you are having the same problem as described above, please try the solutions which have been provided already.

I upgraded to Kola Nut 1.8.5 but I still have the problem of Live Wallpaper Picker that crashes if I call it.

I still believe it must be an App you installed that is causing this trouble.
Did you try anything like rebooting in recovery mode and/or clearing data/cache of Media Storage? (First make a backup)

I still believe it must be an App you installed that is causing this trouble.

I think that it could be caused by a live wallpaper I installed. But I removed all wallpapers I had installed but default.

Did you try anything like rebooting in recovery mode and/or clearing data/cache of Media Storage? (First make a backup)

I did a cache wipe, but without success.
I would like to find and solve the problem manually before a data wipe. :frowning:

Thank you for your suggestions!

The Live Wall Paper Picker has stopped working and tells me so when I click on it
I haver a batch 2 Fairphone