List of FP3 reviews meta-discussion

Hi Jeroen,
I have done some online searching in different languages to pimp up the list of reviews.
Now it is a bit long in my opinion.
How about splitting it up in different lists regarding the different languages?

I.e. one for each of the following lines:
:fr: (:switzerland:)
:de: :austria: :switzerland:
:denmark: :sweden: :norway: :finland: (Scandinavia)
:it: (still will have to do some searching for this list).

I didn’t want to break up your thread, but I have the feeling, it is getting a bit overcrowded. :wink:

All the best


Will fix it Tuesday.

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OK I’ve edited it further but without splitting. How do you like it this way?


Do you know, if it is possible, to link inside of a posting, like it is possible inside of webpages, so that clicking on the German flag in the top takes you down to the german articles.

If not, no problem, otherwise, maybe an improvement?


I tried doing that, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I agree that would be ideal! If it is not possible, I agree the option of splitting it in multiple posts is a possibility.

I turned this into a public topic cause I don’t know how else to do this (I hope that’s OK, as we did not discuss any PII). @paulakreuzer do you know how to solve deeplinking into the topic of the languages so that one can click on Deutsch and skip to the German list?

I think @Stefan once told me how to do that, but I have to admit I don’t remember it.

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I’ve added a link for “Español”. Just the flag does not fit within the link… You may have a look at it if you like it anyway…


Thank you! It works here. I can’t currently fix it further, so feel free to fix the rest. Else I’ll do it later today or tomorrow.


What do you mean? Just the flag should work too:


PS: Do we really need the flags after each link if the links are categorized by language anyway?

Maybe you can get the flag to show, by adding a “.” in the line above it.

Actually I meant the anchor link at the lower part of the page.

Well… I remember there was already a longer discussion in the forum regarding flags, time ago…

If I’ve more time later, I may try to fiddle around with it a bit more…

A different question: does it still give sense that this topic (I mean “Curated list of reviews …”) is globally pinned? It avoids that the topic is bumped up on changes (in case you order the topics for “latest” and have read the topic…)…

I agree, it gets too noisy, which is also why I wanted to abbreviate it better.

However what to do with the ones which are specific for example for Austrians? Would that one then have the Austrian flag still?

Well, I had no idea, that pinning interferes with bumping up on changes.
My perception was, that the topic went ever further down the line and was hard to find for adding links.
And it never went up in the list after having added something. So I finally pinned it (for two weeks).
I thought that people coming for the first time to the forum because of the FP3 could profit from such a list.
But it is not exactly something I have put my heart in.

Since the posting is so well organized and perfectly structured, the flags at every article are really superfluous.
The flags on top of the list for each country in my opinion serve a purpose.
The ones for specific countries are not necessary as well in my opinion, since the articles, that are linked, have the specific tld-ending (.at; .ch; .be; .ar).

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I deleted the “closed” and “pinned” posts. Now bumping should work again. I don’t think pinning interferes with bumping, I just think the Wiki needs to be a single post.
Tbh I didn’t read a single article about the FP3 yet and unpinned the topic for me immediately, so I’m not the one to be asked whether it should remain pinned.

PS: Yup, it just bumped.

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Now you can even click on the flags and you’ll be forwarded to the according language topic :wink:
I’ve tried it out on PC using Firefox and on FP2 using Fennec - and both works…

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Almost all flags are removed now. I kept the ones which denote that it is meant for a different country than the native spoken language. Cause I can imagine someone from India wants to read a review meant for people in India.


I have added italian sources and an arrow to return to the top at the end of every country.
I wonder, why the “target-points” are always “over the top” :wink:


Very much appreciated!

My orig. idea was to really curate the list and only post (quality) reviews; not news items about release or low quality reviews. Not sure what to do about that now…