List of FP3 reviews meta-discussion

You could make a small list of curated reviews and hide the rest of the gathered links in a spoiler.

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Ok, sorry for destroying that idea by flooding the posting with news.
I had not the time to curate the list, i.e. read all the articles.
To me the posting was a means to show, how widespread the FP3 was received in the news and to offer everyone in this forum a chance for finding news in the right language.

Maybe we could use a symbol to differentiate
:newspaper: editorial
:newspaper::bangbang: interesting editorial (as that classification is a matter of personal choice, it might in fact be unnecessary.
:grey_exclamation: Newsflash/Press Release/TechSpecs

I would use :newspaper::bangbang: for e.g. the articles from techcrunch, endgadget, Forbes and FastCompany .
The :grey_exclamation: should be easy to attribute, even in foreign languages.

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For reference:


Bert it is no problem. I thought the word curated implied such, but I could’ve known beforehand. It is nice to show how widespread the FP3 is in the news, but apart from fuzzy feelings, what is the point for the reader? See hereunder [1]. If you ask me for a good smartphone, and I reply with 135 options, what good is my answer?

Less is more. Hence my idea was to only share interesting articles such as an iFixit teardown, or substantial facts (e.g. from interview with employee) which were previously unknown. Together with multiple languages (which serves the reader), I expected quite a list indeed. If people from different backgrounds then curate the list (to qualify which are best, and put those on top) then we get a more qualitative list. I can do this for the English and Dutch articles. By doing so, it becomes more a curated list than it currently is. We can keep the less interesting articles while putting emphasis on the better ones. One way is by sorting them based on quality (loosely), another is by using the icons you suggested. I suggest we do both!

[1] That my idea was X, does not mean it should be(come) X. Before we continue the discussion, I’d say we need to reach consensus on what the point is of this very list.

Addendum: before we implement your icons, does anyone have any suggestions to improve this? For example, I was thinking of (partial) teardown being marked as such? Maybe? :hammer_and_wrench:? I’m not very good with emojis…

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Maybe we could make use of the suggestion by @paulakreuzer.
Going back to your idea of a curated list and hiding the rest of the endless linklist under the header “Fairphone 3 in the news worldwide”, maybe with a short explanation.
Seems better than the symbol/emoji stuff.


Yes, fits a less is more paradigm better.

Perhaps make it into two posts then.

Also, if we edit the wiki now chances are higher we get edit conflicts. I lost a good amount of time due to that yesterday evening. Separate posts avoid that. But its only a minor nuisance IMO.

Finally, also following the less is more paradigm (which is common in journalism as well, btw) the introduction is too long for my liking. I’d like to add summary titles to it (which strictly by itself adds more text but allows the reader can skip parts). E.g. “how to contribute” and “language list” or something akin to that.

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Iv did rather understand the idea of @paulakreuzer as having less important links hidden:

Important link 1
Important link 2

Less important links

Less important link 1
Less important link 2

And like this now separate for every language…


This is a great list and must be a lot of work. Thanks BertG.

By the way, the Techcrunch article is one of the most informative pieces I have read about Fairphone and a useful education in the problems of the tech industry more broadly.


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