Linking contact to SIM

Ik ben dolblij met mijn FairPhone, maar heb een klein probleem.
Ik weet hoe je een contact kan verbinden met een bepaalde SIMkaart. Maar als in bel of SMS, moet ik toch nog steeds aangeven welke SIM ik wil gebruiken. Hoe los ik dit op?Want op deze manier heeft dat koppelen nietveel zin hè.

EDIT: Translated by Robin

I love my FairPhone, but I do have a little problem.
I know how you can link a contact to a certain SIM-card. But, whenever I make a phone call or send a text message, I still have to check which SIM-card I want to use. How can I fix this? Linking contacts to a certain SIM-card isn’t really usefull in this case.

Hi @Taxicletter,

First of all, welcome to the Fairphone forum. Perhaps try and ask your questions in English the next time: more people will understand and more people will be able to help.

As I’m not using two SIM cards myself, I don’t really know the answer. I’ll try and look for an answer.

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I’ve translated the original post and changed the title so more people can find this.


Unfortunately the function doesn’t work exactly as you want it to. I know, I have also tried, and I’ve searched the net and it’s the same problem for other dual sim phones.

If you set your phone to ask before dialing or texting then the assigning contact to sim is ineffectual. However if you set your phone to use one particular sim and then assign contacts to Sims it will work for any that are on the default sim without asking, however if the contact is on other sim it will ask.

It’s annoying, but dual sim capability by default in android seems to be at the early stages of development. Not sure if you use alternative third-party dialers whether they fix these issues


Thank you for your reply Chris_R. I didn’t try other dialers yet, since I like to keep my configutation as simpele as possible. But that will be my next step.
What I don’t like in dialers and contact apps is that they redirect you to the default app anyway, when you edit a contact.

And thank you for the translation Robin!


I installed the app Dual Sim Selector. It asks which card to use for each contact the first time you use the contact, and gives you the possibility to remember this choice.You can assign contacts to each sim card without having to call them, but there is no way to batch assign.

It seems to work good, but I don’t know yet if this also works for sms. I am using it for two days now, so I have 5 days left before having to buy the paid version (2.3 euro), I’ll keep you informed.


Hello Joost,
I’m trying the same app :slight_smile: I also found, but that looks more complicated. When you install and use PixelPhone, the Dual Sim Selector is a part of that app, a standard plugin. Since PixelPhone is free, maybe that way we can use the dual sim option for free as well. (
I took a while before I understood you have to assign a sim in the sim-manager (although both will be used for different contacts, in the end), because otherwise you keep getting the question from your system as well (the question: which sim do you want to use). Now I only get it from the Dual Sim Selector and it seems to work. I think it works with sms as well.

It doesn’t seem to work for sms. I wrote the maker a second time today to ask about this. No reply so far.
I’m now trying mtk controls and already posted the question of assignment for text messaging on their forum, because it doesn’t seem to work either.
I keep you posted.

Oh yeah and pixelphone is only free for a limited time, I mis-informed you.

I got an answer from MTK controls:
"Android doesn’t allow to implement something like the call rules to SMS because that would be a very big security flaw.

You can however select the SIM used to send by using a widget or Tasker."

I tried GO sms, there you can select your SIM per message. I mean: standard you send your message and THEN you get a box to select your sim. With GO sms, you can select the sim-card immediately when you send the text message. That’s one click less. And a chance less that you forget to send your message (I have this often: pressing the send button, putting my phone away and seeing later the SIM-selection-dialogue box, and noticing I DIDN’T send the message yet.)

Not that I like using an extra app, just for sending text messages, but it’s a help.

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I also stopped using the Dual Sim selector app since it didn’t seem to support sim selection
for messages. Since I’m using 1 SIM-card for 90% of calls and messages, I linked
all my contacts to the right Sim (one ‘home’-use card and one ‘work’-card) and
I made the ‘home’-card standard. This way, only when I want to dial or text a contact
linked to the ‘work’-card, I have to confirm that I want to use this card (as
described by @Chris_R in post number 5)

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I keep using Dual SIM selector, it works for my calls like I need (and I have contact for both sims equally, since I have my own small pedicab-business). Their support is not good, since they never answered my questions. At MTK they did and I paid for their (his?) app as well, but since Dual SIM already “learned” my preferences, I’m not going to switch.
For texting, I use GO sms. You have to choose for each message, but it doesn’t work with a pop-up AFTER you already pushed “send” which is a good help for me.

Glad you found a way to have it working for you too :wink: .

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I wish there was a way to permanently link a contact to a certain SIM-card for texting! Just now once again by accident I texted from the wrong sim-card, adding to a conversation via text. First text was fine, but of course the next one was sent from the wrong sim-card (I did not want the contact to know).
This is so annoying. :rage:

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I still use GOsms for texting. It has more features then one needs, but you can select from within your message the correct SIM card. Sometimes, I still make mistakes, but it’s easier than without GoSMS.

Maybe in the future Android will be supporting dual sim in a more advanced way…

Yes, I have the same problem. My settings are that I have to select the SIM-card for every text, but since I use my main one most of the time, I had automatically used it for a follow-up text without thinking, after the first text was carefully sent via the 2nd card. grrrr :-/

If someone call me, is it sure that he/she reach me when I ´ve an app like these apps?
Is it possible to stay contactable over both sim cards in the same time or isn´t?

I don’t know what happens if you talk on one simcard and get a call to the other that moment. Do you get an occupied-signal or will the FP crash? who knows…
But other than that, yes, it works fine.And you don’t need a special app for that. Both sim cards can be active at the same time, so you can get texts and calls on both. For that it would be helpful to have differenr standard ringtones for both cards, but I haven’t solved that on yet. :neutral_face:

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You can use apps like Dualsim Ringtone. Search for “dual sim” on Google Play or F-Droid.

can’t find it there:

You ‘re correct, there’ s no dual sim ringtone in F-Droid. I didn’t check. I use Google Play Store.

The app I was talking about is downloadable outside the store :