LineageOS 16: FP2 display flashes bright when press the power button

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I bought a new display for my FP2 and now, when i press the power button to wake up the phone the display is very bright and then becomes as dark i set it to. The auto brightness isnt turned on (switched it on for testing but didnt change anything).
Its exact the same behavior as it is described in this thread.

But i cant found a solution there and in my case it occurs everytime i wake up the phone.
Does anybody has a hint for a solution?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I almost don’t dare to ask about your firmware release. If I remember correctly, this is an old issue I had myself and for me it faded away in the line of subsequent updates …

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I’m not sure if i understand you right. Is there anything i can do or not?
I use LineageOS 16 since more than a year and i think have the current modem firmware.
This is my third display and with the other two displays i dont have the issue.

I was assuming you’re running an old firmware / OS.
If this is your third display and the two before didn’t show this behaviour it could be defective.
My last idea (despite auto brightness is switched off, you never know … ) would be to disassemble again and carefully clean the ambient light sensor and its little window in the display unit, especially the inner surface on the back of the display.
If this does not help you may have to ask the support.

Good luck!

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