Lineage OS upgrade (17.1 -> 18.1)


I have some question regarding the upgrade of Lineage OS 17.1 to version 18.1 :

Does it require formatting my data partition ? (Will I loose all my settings and installed apps ?)

I encounter an issue when backing up Play store apps using Titanium Backup, only apps from F-Droid can be restored, I contacted the dev. about it but got no answer…

I have Magisk installed, how can I migrate my phone to the latest Lineage OS version without having to reinstall by hand all my apps ?

Any help is welcome,

Thanks !

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This guide does not explain what to do with previous data / backup ?

I don’t own a FP3 but when the upgrade can not be done via OTA (what I assume) and your bootloader is locked you will loose all data, as a factory reset has to be done.

BTW. Back up is always recommended, as you never know

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Thanks I know that, my bootloader is already unlocked since I am on Lineage 17.1, as stated in the OP.

My question is precisely how to backup since Titanium backup does not work.

Hi all, I also have a question on upgrading. Do you need to download and install the recovery image to upgrade, just the nightly zip or both?

I can’t find the answer in the upgrade wiki, in the complete guide for installing Lineage OS or somewhere else in the forum. Maybe I just missed it.

tnx a lot!

Hi afaik there is no option for upgrade you need to re-install everything.

I had an horrible experience on lineage 18.1 on FF3+, performance & reliability where way below the experience with the “official” rom, I would not recommend it.

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