Lineage OS Random reboots

I have the latest Lineage OS installed on my FP2. Since some previous updates I encounter random reboots, mostly after charging the phone. 5 to 8 reboots with some time gaps in between, then it works fine.
Since this was already an issue in 2017, I wonder why it is not fixed yet. This is really annoying!

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What does the Android 7 Fairphone OS bugtracker link have to do with it?

Else … the maintainer of LineageOS on the Fairphone 2 might see your issue better over here …

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You may want to check my post where I discuss about this problem, and continue the discussion here:

LineageOS isn’t developed by FP. And if you are talking about the firmware files of the FP2 (since the problem is probably related to this somehow), I’m afraid they won’t receive an update anymore, not if Qualcomm doesn’t want to (which is unfortunately the case).


Thanks for the information. Since I’m not a developper, I’m just wondering why the problem of random reboots persists since 2017. I have no idea if the origin of the problem is the same. Lineage OS, FP2 … I’m just the user. I switched from FP2 OpenOS to Lineage two years ago, and I have the problem since a couple of months. In my opinion it must have come with one of the updates?
Nevertheless: Happy New Year! :smiley:

One reason may be that there’s a myriad of reasons for the reboots. You’ll find a lot of them here if interested…

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Hi Volker
Thanks for the Guide and the Support Link. Meanwhile I have bought a new battery and the problem is still there. Also the latest LINEAGE updates didn’t change anything. I’m now pretty sure that the rebooting is connected with the charging level of the battery. If I charge 100% I have up to 10 reboots within 2-3 hours, after that it works fine. If I charge up to 90% I have less reboots. I will try to find out charging limit to exclude reboots. Unfortunately that means I have to stay with my phone to disconnect the charger in time. :frowning:

Hi Markus, maybe this helps you, this app stops the charging by itself…


It’s a good app. But you should keep in mind that it needs root access to work correctly.


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