Lineage OS 16.0 issues and questions

The mystery deepens. Now my phone is seemingly functioning better than before, with both SIM cards fully functioning and with data speeds that are nuts. I’m just not going to question it and thank you for your help @AnotherElk


If you have 2FA/MFA enabled (you should!) you need to create an app password. I made one for P=P (K-9 opportunistic encryption fork), and one for Aurora (Yalp material design fork). I keep mine in a password manager.

Were you able to fix it? It works fine here. Make sure you understand the latest version as there are multiple available.

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I have the problem with the sensors also. My phone seemingly recognizes no sensors at all; I installed a sensor testing app and none of those worked (auto-rotation aka acceleration, light sensor and proximity sensor being the most important to me).

regarding the download manager: I experienced issues with it and for me they were solved by going to the app details through preferences and clearing all data for the download manager and connected apps (i think it was called something like media provider?). maybe you can try that?

Have a look at

that resolved my issues :slight_smile:

Hi, all
I changed from LOS 15.1 to LOS 16 some 2 months ago,
things are working good so far, except for battery life, like @stanzi also said in june in this thread

The thing is: Before, on LOS15.1, it lastet easily 2 days in my normal use case, now it’s below 2 days, which is really annoying for me, b/c this disrupts my charging routine.

I wiped the system and data before installing, so there should me much remains of the previous system

I investigated with BetterBatteryStats, it listed 32% or more „Awake (Screen Off)“ time
So I started kicking things out of the System
no more Messenger on the phone
email checking Schedule
magisk gcm doze
phone usage reduced as much as possible

Awake (Screen Off) is now at about 12%
but I still hardly get 2 days out off it, and the phone isn’t of much use at the moment

I don’t have this Batterystat values for LOS15.1
but is this value normal?

what is your exerpience with battery life?

#Batteryguide is not helpful
I’m thinkig a litte bit about going back to 15.1

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My impression is somehow the opposite. Changing from LOS 15.1 to LOS 16 last year in August increased the time between charging the batterie from about 2 days to about 3 days. I didn’t monitor this in detail. Maybe the main improvement came later with a newer build of LOS 16 or with an update of one of the Apps on my FP2.

update 18.02.2020 to 19.02.2020:
I spend some time in #dic:safemode
batteryusage is a bit lower, but phone is nearly useless
so I still don’t known what I’ll do

I just experienced the opposite: battery life was worse than it used to be, but since I changed carrier, it seems to last twice as much.
I already had noticed that battery usage seemed to be linked to the network: the battery lasted longer in 3G than LTE:

Now I had the opportunity to live another experience when I changed carrier (no special reason to change, I just got an offer with better roaming options).
Since I changed the SIM-card, my battery lasts much longer. It is too soon to draw conclusions, but my first cycle did last 3 days (ok, I did not use my phone very much, but still, I received/sent messages, checked the newspaper, surfed a bit and called now and then). I charged this morning and still have 86% left. I hope this will last!

So I am wondering if it has something to do with network coverage, with the SIM-card itself (older SIM-cards sometimes cause trouble according to posts on this forum), or something else. I already noticed when I was abroad that my battery did last longer and I had wondered if the coverage was better.

Nothing to do with a Lineage upgrade, but I just wanted to share my experience.

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A little update. I have been using my phone on a regular basis, sometimes with heavy usage and the situation is stable: the charge lasts 48 hours at least.
In conclusion: changing carrier had a long lasting effect on my battery usage!


Just a question:
Does LineageOS (15/16/17) support switching on/off the second SIM card?

Yes, if the statusbar is correct this works again in LOS16, can’t say it for LOS17
Edit: Well sorry, it’s not really working, so the answer is NO :confounded:

My runtime is noticeably shorter when mobile data (3G for me) is always active
When I switch off the mobile data, if I’m in Wlan for a longer time, it will be better.

I have now switched from 3G to LTE for testing, the runtime is much better than with 3G!?!

As the tests take their time I can say until now:

3G Data always active: very bad
3G Data only if without WLAN: better, but depends on the WLAN time
4G Data only if without WLAN: even better, like with LOS15
4G Data always active: I have not tried that yet

I use 2 Sim cards and the ModemRom 19.11.2 from 11 Feb 2020

I doubt the status bar is correct here. According to my experience a “disabled” sim card can still start calls or be called.

Sorry, it did somehow disable the mobile data on this sim, but doesn’t the prevent callings…

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