Lineage OS 15.1: cannot edit or add APNs

While setting up a new SIM I noticed that it is not possible to edit or add APNs for mobile data access. There is only the list of given APNs, but although it says “edit” when selecting an entry it’s all grey and the option to add an entry is completely missing.
Any fix / workaround for this ?

It’s working here, :confused:. There’s a + icon in the top bar to add new APNs, left side of the menu.

After adding an entry, it can be edited, but you can’t edit default APNs, so that’s a correct behaviour.

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No + icon. I know it used to be there in LO 14.x
What Lineage OS build are you using ?
I have the suspicion that last weeks nightly was full of bugs and they are not fixed in the latest release that I tried today. Lots of strange behaviour:

  • searching in settings not working.
  • does not update because it does not boot into TWRP (I can however start the phone with volume-up to getinto TWRP).
  • and the APN problem as discussed here.

I’m on LOS 15.1 from 10th of September and I have the + button for APNs.

The reboot to recovery problem is a known problem (with the new camera module) and as far as I know existed in all 15.1 builds.

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Are you sure about that? I am able to modify the default APNs…

A quick search finds quite some mentions of this problem across different devices and Androids … the APN list might be corrupted. Possible solutions:

Deleting all APN settings with an App

Resetting the network settings … or taking out the SIM and editing the APN settings on WiFi


Right, I can edit some, and some others not… weird, :man_shrugging:

I’m using LOS for microG 15.1 from 17th of September.

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