Lineage 16 - Update (25.08.19) don't work


I got a strange problem updating this morning with the newest update (25.08.19) of LOS. After starting the update from within the LOS-Updater, it seemed like, that in TWRP everything worked properly. But afterwards the lineageos-bootscreen didn’t stop the animation. After 15 mins I decided to stop the process and repeated the update with the same zip, which I downloaded on my PC and put it on the sd-card in TWRP with the same result.
Finally I could fix it, using the oldest available update from the 21th.
I didn’t tested it with the updates (22 - 24) in between!

So first of all, can anybody confirm this problem?
And second what could be the problem? Damaged build? Or something wrong in the source code?

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