Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly

You usually do not need to do anything. Magisk comes with an addon.d skript, that will reinstall itself after you have updated LineageOS.

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I noticed that my Wi-Fi keep disconneting very often, maybe when the screen goes off for a while but it seems that happens also in other circumstances. Am I the only one with this issue? Are there any solutions around?

No, you are not the only one - I have the same trouble in disconnecting Wi-Fi while screen goes off (sometimes also while screen is on). But I can t find a rule for this… its not always - and I do not use 5GHz…
edit: Did not happen with LOS15 under same conditions…

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The disconnecting Wifi issue exists for FP2 GMS device too: At my home place normally hardly ever, at my parents place extremely frequently also while screen is on, at other places sometimes regularly when screen is off. I have no clue for this behaviour.

Similar here… on my home Wifi (relatively new Netgear router), the 2.4Ghz network runs fine and stable. At another place where they use an LTE router from Huawei, it disconnects all the time, no matter if screen is on or off. Did not happen with LOS15 … no idea why.
But at least, the WiFi performance has gotten better (when the connection is stable) :slight_smile:


over adb?

Steven :slight_smile:

You can do this over adb if you like (you will need root access for adb).

But I did it the following way (you will need root access for the Termux API in this case):

I created a few scripts with different color adjustment values and use Termux and the Termux widget to run these scripts. The scripts are placed in
and look like this:

# adjust colors as in Settings > Display > LiveDisplay > Color calibration
su -c 'settings put --lineage system display_color_adjustment "0.5 0.5 0.5"'

You can then add the Termux widget to the screen so that the color calibration can easily be changed by just tapping on the appropriate script.

More info about Termux can be found in the Termux Wiki and especially on the page about the Termux Widget.


Tested for a while, didn’t change. However.

Another issue: Has anyone been able to run Netguard with LineageOS 16 on a FP2? Normally I’m using AfWall+, but I’m testing because the FP2 of my wife is due to an update. When NetGuard is active, the access to the internet is fully blocked. Has anyone been able to run NetGuard on FP2 with LOS 16?

Nope, unfortunately. As the Netguard FAQ states:

Some Android versions, including LineageOS for some devices, contain a bug resulting in all internet traffic being blocked. Mostly, you can workaround this bug by enabling filtering in NetGuard’s Advanced options. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the problem can unfortunately not be fixed or worked around by NetGuard.

Too bad. I liked NetGuard a lot (even paid for it). There’s alternatives (on F-Droid), but not the same.



I’ve read this but hoped somebody might have dicovered a work around.


At home, my FP2 is doing just fine on the 2.4 Ghz network, but constantly disconnects from the 5 Ghz network (fixed by just using the former).

At work however, we have a single SSID for wifi (eduroam), which offers both 2.4 and 5 Ghz services. While using the 2.4 Ghz network it usually runs quite stably, but it seems that every time my phone detects the 5 Ghz network, it prefers that variant and switches connection. However, 5 Ghz disconnects all the time (like: within seconds), even while I’m using it with the screen turned on. Super-inconvenient…

I updated to 2019-12-05 a few days ago and had a version from October before. For me GPS and network location over UnifiedNLP (without GAPPS) work much better now, but I realized something today I wanted to share:

I use Mozilla Stumbler to collect GPS and wireless network data for Mozilla Location Service (the service I use with UnifiedNLP on my Fairphone but also on my GNOME desktop). I changed the app’s settings so that for every observation I make I see the MLS location (the location derived from the network data available in MLS before my observation) on the map.

With LineageOS 16 (2019-12-05) when I switch off the display, walk around, collect some wireless network data and after some time switch the display on again, all observations made in the meantime have the same MLS location. However the next observation with the display switched on gets a new and much more realistic MLS location (just like all other observations with the display switched on). Today I went for a walk in a large park to a point where there’s no WiFi access point, then I switched on my display and Mozilla Stumbler told me that there are 27 WiFi access points around. A second later not one AP was visible. Before that the last time I had my display on was in the center of a village – and the MLS location pointed there.

So as I understand it for my Fairphone WiFi networks stay visible as long as the display is off. I have to switch it on to induce my phone to scan for access points again.

How come You are running Android 9 on an FP2?

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#lineageos is at Android 9.0 currently on the Fairphone 2, with Android 10.0 (as LineageOS 17.0) coming up.

Here’s more …


I’m already at android 10, but it’s still very experimental and some apps including Gmail don’t work as well as enything that has sth to do with filemanagement. I’m still running an older version, maybe an update will fix it

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Just for those using microG or UnifiedNlp alone: there’s a new release available for the microG/UnifiedNlp installer from the WeAreFairphone community:

This update includes support for Lineage OS 16 (Android 9 Pie) at last! We are also working on the Lineage OS 17 (Android 10) support (here, if you are curious).


This thread can be closed now. Lineage-16.0 support is over with the release of 17.1.

If you do not want to upgrade right now, you should at least upgrade to the last version of 16.0 before it disappears.



It may be a good idea to download the latest 16.0 image now (or keep the one you have installed and know is working). Just in case. :wink: