Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly

Thats what I think too!

Possibly I found a bug. Maybe someone else can confirm it.
I enabled the otpion, that the system design changes depending on the time. At the night it switches to the dark design and at the day it is light.
Status bar and quick settings/tiles work and it is dark now but in the settings it is still light in the most of the cases. But when I go to “Display settings” for example and then “Design” it switches from light to dark.
The same at “Security and Location” and when open them “Trust” it switches from light to dark.

At least one of the lineage updater problems should be fixed now.

Tested with official twrp-3.3.0.

For everybody who has already installed it, you need to manually do the upgrade through twrp again once (ie download the build manually with PC and update it with twrp) - then the lineage update hopefully works.



Why is there no LoS 16 listed anymore: :scream:


I like it, but Firefox tabs are still closed via the old way. We need consistency like the children of NextStep have!

No idea, but alternatively you can try here …

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There was a server outage at LineageOS build servers. It might be related to that. The LOS+microG builds are still up, FWIW.

I also updated to LOS16, but genius me didn’t check before if there is an XPosed version supporting Android 9. Turns out, there isn’t. The only way I found is via Magisk Manager, which takes control over your root settings (which messes some stuff up, e.g. F-Droid/Yalp auto installation) and is also not open source.
So, does anyone know if XPosed for Android 9 is coming out soon or how I can downgrade to LOS15 again (of course, I didn’t make a backup, because backups are for the weak :man_facepalming: )

EDIT: Oh, and I also can’t use the camera (old modules), but maybe this has something to do with the Magisk stuff.


@Singulus : the new release from today is now available :wink:


Basically front and rear camera work at may device.
Only saving images to SD Card doesn’t work until now.
Pictures are saved at this path:

Where can I enable that?

It’s quite hidden (in the sense that I didn’t find it intuitively). Just search “gestures” (en) or “bewegungen” (de) in the settings. It’s a setting with a lengthy name/description that talks about swiping upwards from the home button.

found it. But also there the tasks are arranged horizontal. Would like to have it vertically again. I am so used to it that I permanently close apps.
I have no idea why it had changed. It is to me like switching throttle and brake paddle in my car. :rage:


my SIM card dosent work correctly since Upgrade from 15 to 16.
For some hours, after a random reboot, there is no simcard unlock request. Unlocking manually under “Security” always gives the message that I have only three attempts. :frowning:
Restart brings nothing.

Edit: when the phone is starting up, then is SIM unlock not showing. when I turn the display off and on again, you can see the SIM pin input. häää? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

Incredible job, thanks a lot to everyone that help in any way, and a special bravo to @chrmhoffmann!

Installed through Twrp, I just formatted system, Dalvik and cache, installed the zip, installed gapps and SU, rebooted and everything is perfectly working :smiley:
No need for reinstalling apps or anything, excellent!

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No. The first builds of lineage for FP2 had a problem with the lineage updater. That’s why they have been removed from download. The new build should not have the problem anymore. People who have downloaded and installed the first builds have to install the updates manually through twrp recovery. It should work now. Please report back!.



Does anyone else how has SIM lock experience this problem as well?


This is not related to fairphone FP2 lineage 16, but rather a generic android 9 feedback. Maybe this should be discussed elsewhere.


Yes, sometines, i don’t have the SIM unlock screen for a few minutes, but eventually, it will prompt after 10 minutes max.

The on/off of the screen seems to work as well. I’ll try to have a look at the logs.

It’s on a fresh install of Lineage for MicroG (version of last Monday). I’ll update it and keep you updated :slight_smile:

Upgrade went smooth and LineageOS 16.0 works well here too. Thanks @chrmhoffmann!

But - like with LineageOS 15.1 - Netguard still doesn’t work.