Lightning sync with FP2 and Kubuntu

I’m looking for a way to sync my Thunderbird Lightning calendar I’ve on Kubuntu with my FP2, without using google services. @weste here Calendar sync - thunderbird lightning MyPhoneExplorer seemed to have the same issue with windows and solved it using My Phone Explorer, but this software does not exist for Linux AFAIK. Any chances I can make it work via wine or something? I know it is a very specific situation, but you know other possible solutions?

Perhaps Davdroid from F-Droid can do the trick.

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You could use davdroid and either install a server in your home network or use an online hosting service that Supports caldav. I myself use my Posteo Account (a German Email provider) to sync My calendars and it works perfectly. :slight_smile:

Can you suggest any easy to use and possibly free online server? I do not have one myself (yet). Also, Is there a way to do it using Dropbox?

Google Calendar ist the only free one that comes to My mind, sorry. Posteo ist just as easy But not free of charge

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You can try to find an owncloud hosting somewhere, the calendar synchronization works with both thunderbird and davdroid, and the contacts sync works as well. You can also find a reasonably cheap hosting at some ethical provider like indishosters for instance.

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