Calendar sync - thunderbird lightning MyPhoneExplorer


I would like to synchronize my calender on Thunderbird lightning with my fairphone.

(I read several other pages about that, but I did not find a solution unfortunately)

I use the myphoneexplorer and I would like to use the BusinessCalendar-App on the phone.

How could this work?

You are, of course, talking about a local calender. And I presume you do not want to use any Google apps, am I correct?

There are some multiple ways to do that, but I found most of them quite tedious. They involve either setting up an OwnCloud, or using BTSync, or other software to keep the calenders in sync. I tried several, but nothing was really nice and usable on three machines + the phone. Since I have to use a Google Calender anyways (for a project, not my choice…), I switched to use sync my calenders through that, using Lightning and and the Provider for Google Calender addons.

I think @Stefan has a working solution without Google, but with OwnCloud`?

Dear weste,

did you try? I have exactly this configuration including BusinessCalendar. I think you already have Lightning and did manage to connect MyPhoneExplorer with the Fairphone, did you? What happens when you start Multi-Sync in MPE?

@humorkritik: @weste did not ask for a cloud solution. Sync’ing calender using Thunderbird/Lightning and Android via MyPhoneExplorer is a local solution not using the web.

@ humorkritik: yes, ideally I don’t want to use Google-Apps. (but I woud do it, if it is the only manageble way to do…)

@SebaJeku: yes, I tried. I use Lightning and I can connect MPE with the fairphone. First I ran the Multi-Sync. With the result that some more dates occured in Thunderbird.
But not only new ones, that I only wrote in the phone, also other dates were double then, though in different colors.
Then I changed the lables of the calenders, so that they have the same names (e.g. “work”).
I ran the MultiSync again, same result, only in Lightning were changes.
Then I tried only to sync the calender, I also tried the “force to sync Thunderbird to phone”. but no changes in the Business Calendar.

In the BC they say, that you should make a new account in the settings. I tried this, but its not possible.

Would it make sense to uninstall the BC and start new?

It seems you have more than one calender in Android/Fairphone. Opening BC (or configurating the widgets) you can de/select the calenders to be displayed at the very bottom (where the colors are explanied as well).

Anyway, you probably would like to use only one calender. In case the data in Lighting is complete and correct, I suggest to delete the Android calenders (don’t know how, though) and resync with MPE. MPE will create a new calender and the sync will be ok then… at least this worked with my device :smile:

Oh, glob. My bad, I did not think before posting. Never tried
MyPhoneExplorer, that’s why I keep forgetting its much more than just a
file manager… sorry for the confusion.

yes, I use several calendars (four) and I want to keep them.

In BC an the fairphone I can only create local calendars. And to create “real” calendars, one has to set up a new account in the settings.
Einstellungen > Konten > Konto hinzufügen.
Nevertheless I do no have the option to create a BC-account there.

Has anyone dealt with that issue?

So it really is about the Business Calendar app? Then maybe you could try to install it again (better make a backup first).

If it does not work out for you, please modify the topic title accordingly (if it is not about MPE or Thunderbird anymore).

I finally found a solution.
I changed the settings in the MPE, and it seems to work, though not optimal but nearly.