Light rattling sound when laying the phone down

New Fairphone 4, and I really like it. BUT: Is it normal that the camera (I suppose) has a short rattle sound when i lay down the phone on a hard desk? I also hear the sound when shaking the phone. It could be the lenses… Am I the only one? Is it normal (with a 580 € phone)? Do I have to RMA my new setup phone :open_mouth: ?

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I have access to two FP4s and they both rattle somewhere around the camera bump, so I’d say that’s pretty normal :slightly_smiling_face:

My old Nexus 4 rattles in that area as well, probably something to do with the lenses, yes.

Thank you hirnsushi (yumyum :wink: for the info, also for the warm welcome! :blush:
I’ve never had a phone with this sound… can anyone else verify?

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I don’t really hear it when I place the phone on a desk. But when I shake it, there is indeed a slight rattle. I believe it’s due to the OIS (optical image stabilization) of the main camera.


Thanks Razern. I think, that’s it. I shaked my old phone and it also has this rattle, but very silent whereas on Fairphone it’s quite hearable - never noticed it on the old phone since today :slight_smile:

On Samsung website I found this text, perhaps Fairphone should also include something like that into the trouble shooting guide (if someone’s reading…):

"Inside of the Galaxy mobile phone, there is a component that functions as OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that minimizes shaking when taking pictures with the camera. If this small part is shaken while the camera is not operated, it may hit the internal structure and make a slight rattling sound.

The OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is a function that detects hand shaking and corrects the lens by moving the lens in the opposite direction of the shake. Due to the different OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) sizes for each product, the sound may be relatively loud depending on the product. This is due to the characteristics of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and it is not a product defect. The sound does not affect the function and performance of the mobile phone."

link to source

So this is solved for me, thanks again!! :smiley:


If I shake it as much as I can, I hear absolutely nothing

Same for me: no sounds.

To clarify, I have to shake it really close to my ear to hear it. So if the sound is really loud and audible even from a distance, then I would say there might be something wrong with the phone. (In that case, you should #contactsupport.) But a slight silent rattle is fine IMO. After all, there are moving parts.

Even then I don’t hear anything at all. Not even if I put the phone in my ear. Absolutely nothing

You must have huge ears :rofl: my phone only just fits in my pocket.


Some have more problems with their ears than others with their phone :laughing:

I did search the web again and it seems many others did notice this sligtht rattle on very different phones - e.g. the Pixel 6 pro rattles, too: Pixel 6 Pro rattling noise from camera - Google Pixel Community


I’ve also noticed that it rattles when I place it on a hard surface. But the cameras seem to work well so I don’t worry.

Antithesis, if one doesn’t hear anything rattle, the OIS may be defective… or the ears. :wink:


I have huge ears :grin:, but don’t hear nothing.

…so my camera is broken… But photos are focused… maybe I have to book for an acuostic exam… :thinking: let me search for a medical forum :frowning_face:

That means you hear something.
Clearly a loss of focus and the camera may be fine.

Maybe a few too many cages are being rattled, I’ll have to break free.

Hello, I have also a slight ratteling sound of the FP4 when tapping in the left upper corner or when putting it onto a table. I identified it as two slightly lose contacts or pins, that connect the rear cover especially the NFC antenna with the module that also contains the camara. Fortunately NFC and camara work anyhow so its only a cosmetic issue. But maybe you have the same issue…


You are completely right, those two NFC pins rattle too :+1:
But if you hold the pins with your finger and shake your phone, at least in my case, the camera lenses rattle as well.

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I have to shake it really hard and close to my (otherwise perfectly working) ears to hear the slightest rattling sound. Maybe there is either a difference in build quality in assembly or variations in the camera module?

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I think the same thing.

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