LibreLink app crash on load

The LibreLink app will open, immediately do a “license check” then crash.

Sounds like the same issue from the post below but I don’t understand the solve.

Any help in explaining the solve or why this might be occurring would be appreciated! Thank you!

So your phone is rooted and you dont know how to hide this?

Phone is not rooted.

Using libre 3 on FP3 (not plus). Application is slow but working. Sometimes I’ve to clear the cache to get it working again and quite often I get the Application not responding message. Than I click on “waiting” and the app works again. I am still on Android 11 but not 13.

Talked with Abbott support. FP3 is not a supported phone. (They don’t even knew about it) so it could work but with no guarantee.

My impression is that the app is poorly coded.

At least I can track my data an alarms work in my case, but I am not satisfied at all with the app.

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